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what about me?

Hello! I’m Summer, and this is my blog. I’m still in the process of deciding what exactly I want it to be about. In the past, I’ve had blogs where I’ve written about my life and the many ridiculous things I do, sorted out existential crises, talked about my past, and whined about many a trial and tribulation. I’ve recently grown very fond of many healthy living blogs out there, and I’ve even managed to lose 50 pounds myself through diet and exercise, including my new-found love for running. My hope is to share more about how I’ve gotten to the “during” (I’m not yet an “after”) portion of this, how I battle everyday temptations, and my quest to make my body healthier.

Oh, and I still do some pretty stupid stuff. I’m sure that’s bound to surface.


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  1. I LOVE big sunglasses!

  2. Ha! Thank you, and thank Forever 21—where cheap sunglasses and accessories are king.

  3. Summer-of course I remember you, and I can’t believe I never knew you had this GEM of a blog. Thanks for the encouragement, I’m glad we will be able to keep up with one another! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you remember! And I’m tickled that you’re blogging again. I always lurked…and now I can come out of the shadows. Your NY adventures are a joy to read 🙂


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