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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Racing for the Cure

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What, what?!?! Add .1 to that and you’ve got me after my first 5k!

So I survived my 5k! It was great, so much fun. I definitely recommend to anyone wanting to do a 5k to do Race for the Cure. It was so exciting, having people cheer you on! My friend Joy and I ran, while my mom, Joy’s mom, and my sister walked. We went back to cross the finish line with them when we got done. It took us 43 minutes, but that’s with an INSANE about of people at the starting point. There was no way to start running at the beginning. And there were so many walkers to dodge, not to mention the rain made it super slick and we were trying not to slip (I saw one lady fall and some one else run into a street sign, yikes!).

My sister and me right after the race

Autumn and me at the pink fountain (they’ve also changed out the streetlights for pink ones, not to mention city hall and the great Vulcan are pink for October, too!)

It was muddy…I had to give my kicks some TLC after the race

3.1 miles! And yes, the picture is flip-flopped. The phone I was using takes mirror image photos…weird. (I planned for it, though, the way we were holding our hands!)