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Monthly Archives: January 2008

snow big deal

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So this weekend, we got some snow. Finally. Everyone was waiting for it, though I was still not quite certain it was even cold enough to snow. But snow and behold, there it was, covering my apartment complex on Saturday morning.

I remember talking to my mom, either the day of or the night before, and she said, “I saw on the news that ya’ll are supposed to get some snow this weekend. Have you been to the store? Do you have enough supplies?”

The first words out of my mouth were, “Yes, mother. I have milk and bread, and a jug of water in the fridge.”

Then I stopped myself. I don’t even know why I said that. I’m not particularly fond of milk, and I don’t have anything to put in between the bread in the first place. Why does every feel the need to run out and get bread and milk as soon as the weather gets bad? We’ve been doing that since before I could remember.


not-so-cordial cherry

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I’ve written a blog before about the many disgusting flavors of soda there are out there. Pepsi and Coke have each had their own foray into flavored fizzies, but when it all comes down, Dr. Pepper has really taken it to the next level. A level that I, and perhaps some others, was not quite prepared for.

Kaitie and I were in the sketchy Wal-Mart (the one out on Lakeshore – Stephanie, you know what I mean) purchasing some necessary items. We’d been discussing purchasing a soda inside, and soon after we walked in, Kaitie announced that she was really in the mood for Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper, but hadn’t seen one in a while.

As we walked over the cooler near the front of the store, I gave out a cry – I thought I had actually found a CVDDP.

Alas, I was mistaken. Upon closer scrutiny, I realized that this was not a CVDDP, nor was it Berries ‘N Cream, or any of the others. No, no. It was worse.

Yes, folks, it was Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper.

On a whim (actually, we debated about whether or not to drink it for a few minutes), we decided to check it out. I took the first swig. When it first hit my tongue, I was thinking, “Okay, not so bad.”

Then came the after taste.

It was so nasty. It was just….ugh. I don’t even know how to describe it. Weirdly enough, it did taste like chocolate and cherries.

And crap. Don’t let those cute little cherries dripping with chocolate fool you. Aesthetics are only half the battle (or the bottle, rather), my friend.

Here is the description you can find on the Dr. Pepper Web site:

I have to say, I wasn’t quite 100% satisfied. I wasn’t even 50%. I was almost willing to trade in some extra calories for some flavor. Thank GOD it’s only for a limited time. I can’t imagine many tears will be shed when they take this little jewel off the shelves.

Bottom line: No soda should ever incorporate the flavor of chocolate. Never.

cape (cod) crusader

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Whelp…I just booked my flight – I’m going to see my dear sweet biffle, Melanie, January 24-30. I’m so psyched! I can’t wait. I haven’t been to Massachusetts in a little over two years. We’re going to see G. Love in Boston the Friday night I’ll be there – superfun!

when red-eye goes horribly awry

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I was fixing some old pictures to put online from a friend’s birthday, and I realized that I had a ridiculous amount of red-eye to correct. In order to make sure my friends didn’t look like posessed demons in all the pictures, I sat down to work.

If any of you have ever used the red-eye reduction function, you know that it has a tendency to not work. Or worse, it has a tendency to turn other things blackish-blue. Sadly, while touching up a picture of my friend Kevin, this happened:

It reminds me of the commercial that Joey did on Friend’s for Ichiban, Lipstick for Men!

I will never be able to look at/think about this picture (of Kevin) and not laugh.

I’m laughing now.

More on Ichiban:

No, no – after you

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This morning while I was in the elevator, I was joined by a gentleman with a rolling case (not sure if it was of the suit- or brief- variety, but either way, it had wheels). We both entered on the first floor, and soon found out we were both headed to the third floor.

At the second floor, we made an unexpected stop, and were consequently joined by a well-dressed young woman and her Starbucks. She was on her way to the fifth floor, and would be along for the ride as well.

As we approached the third floor, the doors opened, and the young woman scooted back as to let us both through. I motioned to Rolling Case Man, and said, “Go on, you first.”

To which he replied, “No, no – after you.”

This little tennis match went on for about 20 seconds, when I finally relented and went out the elevator doors. As I exited, I heard the girl in the elevator sigh and say, “I just love Southerners.”

So do I, lady in the elevator. So do I.


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Oh, my Lord. This is amazing.