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oh, yeah—another April milestone

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I almost forgot another big moment in April when I was doing my whirlwind month recap


Three years with this guy.

Hard to believe, but Jonathan and I have been dating for (over) three years.


It all started back in 2007 at JSU, where we first *really* met. Emphasis on the really, because we’d had two brief encounters before we actually had a real conversation. Oddly enough, we went to college together for four years, in the same department, and we never met.

167877_583242127509_156801544_32707603_3596102_nWe were a pretty unlikely couple, he and I. To some, we couldn’t be more opposite, our biggest division being political: he, a staunch conservative; I, a tree-hugging liberal.

5611_536395084359_156803730_31533254_3954110_n  But we make it work. Our differences are what bring us together; he is my Mr. Right (Wing).


I never was the relationship girl, and I feel like I’m living proof that love hides in the most unexpected places, and it truly does happen to you when you least expect it.


Because honestly. Who would have put the journal-toting, tree-hugging, can-recycling liberal lady with this straight-laced, clean-cut conservative “fraternity man”?


Well, maybe he’s not as straight-laced as he looks.

155157_576983080689_156803730_32566427_6612795_n Differences or no, it’s been a good three years, never short on surprises and fun times. I love you, babe.


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  1. You two are so sweet! You really are a great couple. (Love the redesign, btw!)

  2. I like the new layout on your page!

  3. We had our 3 year in May! It’s amazing!! Where has the time gone!?

    I love this post! Such great pictures and you can truly tell how much love you two share 🙂 Congrats!

    • I know right?! Time flies, it seems. Congrats on your anniversary too! And thanks, I like him fairly well 🙂 I think I’ll keep him around a while.

  4. This is adorable. I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly five years, and ours was the same situation: we had been going to the same college for four years, running in the same circle of friends, and pursuing majors in the same subject (and SAME FOCUS AREA) and didn’t meet until senior year. Bizarre, right?

    Many happy years to you both!

  5. Love this, and I love you guys! It flies, doesn’t it? It will be 5 years for Paul and I in September. Crazy! I’m digging the layout too.


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