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this is a man’s world…

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…but it would be nothing without a woman, or a girl.

Happy Mother’s Day!


My mom truly is the best. Anything I’ve ever wanted, anything I need, she’s right there. I recall crying phone calls at 1am after I moved to Birmingham, desperate pleas on how to make the perfect meringue, more crying phone calls after getting my heart broken…she’s always there, telling me what I want to hear, but also what I need. There’s no better place to be than curled up in my mom’s bed, just talking, laughing…or even just sitting in silence. I may not have been the best child, and I may not have been the ideal daughter—but my mom has never let me down.

6129_266227215156_673970156_8622263_4032529_n Check out my hot mom at her prom 🙂 I happen to think my dad’s hair is pretty sweet.

I think one of the reasons why my mom is so fabulous is because she learned from the best:

222887_10150573187025083_628705082_18367581_1429687_n My mom’s mom is the perfect grandmother: She makes the best biscuits and whips up pie recipes right off the top of her head; she has the softest skin and gives the warmest hugs.

I know everyone thinks that their grandma is the best cook ever….but mine really is. She did win an award for her chocolate pie, you know.

DSC07357 I snapped this photo in an album last Christmas—she served that pie at dinner, and I barely managed to snag a slice! I only hope that one day I make as many delicious treats as she.

Another fun picture from that album:


My ma and her sisters. That’s her on the far right!


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  1. She seems like a wonderful woman. Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day!!

  2. Awww hope your mom and grandma had a nice day. My grandmother is the best cook, though. Sorry. 🙂


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