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in my mouth: oh, Canada!

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A looooong time ago, Samantha made a post about some homemade Oreos. She also mentioned a delectable Canadian treat known as Fudgee-Os. I, being what she has referred to as a “Yankee” (though as a born and raised Southern girl, I bristle at the thought), had never heard of such thing.

I jokingly suggested that we set up a trade. Before I knew, we’d exchanged emails and it was on! I set out to buy certain goods that were native to the South, and more precisely, to Alabama. I gathered several items, but life got in the way (and money—it’s pricey to ship to Canada!) and I didn’t get my package mailed out. But it sat there, smiling at me, waiting to be on its way.

Last week, I got the most lovely surprise.

2011-04-26 13.59.58


Here’s what I found inside:


You’re looking at Tim Horton’s coffee, Maple Leaf cookies, Fudgee-O cookies (that started it all!), All Dressed Ruffles, Ketchup-flavored Lays, Smarties and a Coffee Crisp candy bar.

I started my next morning with a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee.

DSC09373 Yum! Very bold flavor—I drink it black 🙂 That’s what she…?

I won’t lie, though—the first thing I did was tear into the cookies.


Oh, my God. I have to say, neither of these let me down. The Fudgee-O was chocolatey and creamy and awesome. But I have to say, it can’t quite compare to the Maple Leaf cookie. Trust me when I say it’s like you just licked an actual maple tree. The minute I opened the package, I could smell the maple trying to escape. And it did—right into my mouth.

Next up, Smarties:


First, let me just say that these things are not even close to what we call Smarties. They’re more like M&Ms, but with less chocolate. They had a nice crunch. (I often see these on E’s blog, especially when she makes baked party treats.)

More candy:


Coffee Crisp candy bar! I’ve heard a LOT about these. And it was all good! It looked a Nutty Buddy, but tasted different. There was definitely a coffee flavor present, and it reminded me of a cross between a Kit Kat and Nutty Buddy.

I haven’t tried the chips yet, but expect a full report as soon as I do.

To Samantha—thank you SO much! I loved everything. And I promise you my package is coming! I was all set to send it out last week, but recent storms put a kink in our FedEx operations at my job (where I send everything from). Expect something from me very soon!

What’s something delicious native to YOUR area?


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