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Pretty much every year, since I could remember, I’ve spent Easter with my parents. There were several times when I couldn’t make it to church with them due to working, or being away at college, but for the most part, I always saw them.

This year was a little different. April was a month of go-go-go, and I was so pleased at the idea of being home alone and relaxed over Easter weekend that I decided to stay in Birmingham this year. (Luckily, I’d already planned on heading home the next weekend, so I got to spend some QT with mom and dad.)

From the moment I knew I’d be on my own, visions of Easter brunch recipes began to dance in my head. I knew exactly what I wanted. For starters, ham. I gave up meat for Lent, and while I think I decide to give it up again in the end, I was just in the mood for some salty yet minimally processed ham. Mandy and I picked up a tiny “ham nugget” at Whole Foods the day before.

Another thing that popped into my head and wouldn’t let go? Scones. But not sweet ones. I wanted cheesy, buttery, savory scones. Enter Rachel’s Cheese and Herb Scone recipe. I changed the recipe slightly, using cheddar instead of Gruyere and almond milk instead of heavy whipping cream (it’s what I had on hand). Another change: I made two piles of dough and cut them into 8 triangles each to stretch the recipe out a little. I like eating “more” of things, ie several small items instead of one or two large ones. (That’s what she said?)

DSC09259 On the side, I was craving something with eggs. I found this recipe in the latest issue of Fitness, and I improvised just a touch, using 3 eggs and 1/2 c egg beaters, cheddar instead of Swiss, adding green onion and making 9 quiches instead of 6.


The leftovers for these have been great; if I’m in a hurry, I throw one between an English muffin and bam! Egg mcmuffin.

I hadn’t necessarily planned on a sweet finish, but when I saw La Fuji Mama’s recipe for an Apple Braid on Eat, Live, Run, I knew what I had to do. I made this pretty much to a T, just using 1 cup whole wheat flour and 1.5 cups bread flour.


And all together now:

DSC09260 Breakfast perfection.

However….in full disclosure, I did have one small issue. When I was making the apple braid, I decided to try and roll it out on the dining table for more room. We wiped it down and I went to town. (TWSS) All seemed well. Until…I was munching on some leftover braid when I felt a crunch.

I rolled the apple-y bite around in my mouth, trying to find the problem. Nothing. I chewed again.


As I moved the bite out of my mouth and into a napkin, I found the culprit: a tiny little nail.

That’s right, a nail. I was going to take a picture of it, but when I went back to snap a photo, someone threw it away 😦

And THAT is why you always check and double-check your cooking surfaces. What’s the strangest cooking mishap you’ve run into? Once I found a crunch in a soft pretzel I made. I thought it was kosher salt—turned out to be glass. Yikes!


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  1. Wow that’s quite the homemade easter brunch. nice job! Luckily you didnt swallow that nail!

  2. Looks so yummy! Esp the scones. Wish I had been in town!! I would’ve crashed your Easter brunch.


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