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April, where did you go?

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Sheesh, it was a busy, busy month. Let’s see…

I’ve been to three weddings:DSC09023 No good pictures of me from Tyler and Jennifer’s wedding, so here’s a good one of J and his college roommate, Matt. This was the 1st weekend in April.

Then two weeks after that, our friend Juliet said “I do,” too.


Juliet and Mr. Juliet have their first dance.


Me and Jonathan on the left, tasty treats on the right. I was so pleased with the food options! Tons of veggies and fruits (including sugar snap peas and blackberries!) and a delicious pasta salad.


Me and Jonathan with the lady of the hour.

And the this past Saturday, a girlfriend of mine from high school got hitched at Noccalula Falls.


We walked around the falls a bit and snapped some photos.


The legend is that Indian maiden Noccalula was promised (in marriage) to member of another tribe. She was so in love with another and so distraught (and angsty) that she dove off the falls in protest.


No worries, we kept both our feet on the ground.

The same day as the first wedding, Jonathan and I attended a cookout for my Uncle Phil.


He’s in the Guard, and he is being deployed. In addition to giving him a swell sendoff, we also celebrated his birthday and his daughter’s. It was so nice to have the ENTIRE family in town.DSC09001DSC09012

My sister and I with good ol’ Mom.


Left: Me and all the girls (pretty much the whole family) and then J and I, flanked by festive balloons.


The grandest grandparents in all the land. Truth.


Left: My Aunt Alice holding one of the grandbabies—doesn’t she just look like a little doll?

On the right: My Uncle Donnie, my granddad and my Aunt Dolores—siblings!

The second weekend of April, Jonathan and I joined a friend of his, Rachel, to visit another friend from college, Adam.


We drove to Knoxville, TN, to hang out, stopping by Chattanooga to visit more friends on the way home.


This sign tickled me. I felt like it was saying, “Horses: THIS MEANS YOU.” I wondered if they’d had problems with horses trying to get residents to pony up for candy bars and horse scout cookies.


This was so amazing…I went on and on about it for a while. Probably too much. It’s a vegetarian muffuletta from Jason’s Deli (with a side of fruit). SO good.


They’re so sweet.


Beeeeeer. Beer as big as my head and as multitudinous as my fingers.


After a fun night out with the college kids from UT, we headed south towards home and another pair of good friends.


We met up with Brandon and Kristin (newly married this year) to have lunch in the super-cute arts district. From there, we walked over this scary glass pedestrian bridge:


And THEN we walked over this massive bridge:


Just so we could get some of this:

DSC09133 So…there’s most of my April, in a not-so-small nutshell. (Well, there was also a monster brunch on Easter last Sunday, but more on that later.) It was so jam-packed! I don’t think the next month will be nearly as full, but I have some fun things on the sched. What was the most fun thing you did this past month?


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  1. Wow! you have been a busy girl! I love all your bright dress/sweater combos. Happy May!

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