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Bonus points if you recognized where the title came from!

I absolutely love soaking up downtown Birmingham. Another thing I love? Having lunch with my adorable boyfriend.


Together three years next Tuesday, holla!

Last week, we decided to take a rare moment (these days, anyway) that we were both downtown at the same time to try out a place we’d both been anxious to visit. Za Za’s (or Trattoria Centrale, as it appears it is now called) is a cute little pizza place on the North side; they also have pasta entrees and salads as well.

DSC09059The inside was small but made the most with the space available, with an almost entirely exposed kitchen. I meant to take pictures indoors, but we were both so hungry and anxious to sit down to chat that I didn’t get a chance. Not to mention downtown lunch=busy, busy business people that don’t much cotton to having to wait for a crazy lady snapping photos.

There were about four choices on the pizza, and I went with two slices of the veggie pizza.


It was simple, with spinach and tomatoes, but oh so effective. The crust was crunchy but still chewy, just like I like it. The tomatoes were tart and a nice balance to the generous amount of spinach.

Jonathan had a slice of the veggie pizza, a slice of something I can’t remember (the T-Bone? or something) and mixed greens.

DSC09062The unnamed pizza was topped with potatoes, I think, and maybe prosciutto? It was definitely a sort of meat. He gave it a resounding yum, as well.

It was perfect weather, with just a slight breeze and a ton of sunshine. Oh, Alabama. You are a fickle, fickle lady. (Right now it’s rainy and stormy. Earlier this week it was really cold.)

DSC09058Across the street is another one of my favorite lunch spots, brick & tin. I just love grabbing a bite downtown; it really makes me aware of the fact that I live in a pretty busy metro area and satisfies my need to live out my life Carrie Bradshaw style.


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  1. You gave a litte hint at the end. It’s the title from Sex and the City? Oh, I know you too well! We need to go to some yummy places while I am in Bham.

  2. Love that episode of Sex and the City! And Autumn’s right, you did give a clever little hint 😉 I love Trattoria Centrale…or whatever it’s called. I agree that eating downtown makes you aware of how busy the city really is. The downtown empties out so much in the evenings and on weekends, but during the weekday, it’s bustling! I’m so excited to move within walking distance of these fun eateries.

  3. PS—Summer—you look GORGEOUS in this picture!!!

  4. PS, I always forget our anniversaries are so close! Mine and Matt’s 3 year is May 8th 🙂

  5. Ohh that pizza looks delish! I will most definitely try that restaurant out asap.
    yay for living in Birmingham! Hope you guys made it safe through the terrible storms last night.


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