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who you calling fat?

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Three weeks ago began the season of Lent. But before we go there, let’s start here:

Last year, I was in New Orleans for Fat Tuesday (and Joy’s birthday).

mardigrasbday.bmp This year, I wanted to recreate the fun. I invited all my friends over for some regional eats, including King Cake, jambalaya and shrimp po boys.


It was all so delicious! Joy even made us an authentic Pimm’s Cup cocktail.


It was packed with all kinds of goodies. In addition to Joy (and Jonathan, as you can see in the photo above, dork), several other friends showed up to delight in the brightly colored festivities.


Jen, Mandy, Reagan, Jason, Ronnie, Jonathan and Joy. Craig was there, too, but for some reason he’s not in these photos 😦

Afterward, we headed out to the J Clyde for some adult libations.


Get ya beads!


I think Jonathan looks like an old lady wearing her specs.


Dennis and Mallory joined us for some dranks.


Jonathan and Mandy still love each other…even though she (and Craig) are little photobombers.


I love this guy.

As we sipped on a few cold ones (and enjoyed 1/2 off pint night, holla), we all talked about Lent season and what we might consider giving up (or taking on, whatever the choice may be). Last year, I gave up cheese…talk. about. hard. (that’s what she said.) This year, I decided to try something that I’ve been thinking about for a while.

I gave up meat for Lent.

I’ve been trending towards a more meatless lifestyle over the past few months, and it’s something I’m really interested in. I also jumped on the Food Inc. train and really had my eyes opened to a lot of things I already knew and even more that I didn’t.

I’ve been meatless for about three weeks now, and it hasn’t been too difficult. I have to clarify that I’m still eating fish, and I’ve not been as strict as I might should be: ie, I went to a bbq place that had ham chunks in the green beans, and I just picked them out.

One great thing about going meatless is that it’s challenged me to become a little more creative and also it’s helped me to get more of my veggie and fruit servings in. I can’t wait to share some of the recipes I’ve been testing out these past few weeks with you!

Do you celebrate Lent season? Have you given things up in the past? Did you do it for this year?


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  1. I completely failed to do anything for Lent this year! I guess I just feel so de-viced (diet-wise) lately that anything else would’ve sent me into some kind of cabbage soup diet mood…

    Good for you with your success without the meat. It’s really interesting to open yourself up to more interesting recipes. I found that I became really creative when low-carbing – all that protein and oil makes you yearn for different flavours and textures.

    My own thoughts on vegetarianism as a whole? Well, that’s a post… 😉

    Ohhh… How I miss Pimm’s! The sun is coming out – I’m sure we’ll have to get a bottle soon. Especially with the Royal Wedding (capitalised. Oh yeah) coming up.

    • Ha! I have been wondering lately if the Brits are as obsessed as the Americans seem to be with The Royal Wedding. It’s always all over the news, and the Today show is bursting at the seams every morning with more royal news. OMG! Kate blew her nose! OMG! William blinked!

  2. Looks like a great spread and a great night! I actually considered giving up meat for all of Lent myself, but a week or so before the start I began working with Leah of Your Nutritionista and she is encouraging me to eat more animal protein and be less dependent on beans and grains, so I’m trying that for a while.

    • I’m a little worried about protein, but I have been trying to monitor that with Sparkpeople. I think if I decide to keep it up, I may see/consult a nutritionist to make sure I’m getting what I need.

  3. I actually thought Jonathan might have bought the more experienced lady glasses for just the occasion. I decided I did not like the way “old lady” sounded since I have gotten older.

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