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better to have loved and lost…

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I know I’ve been sort of absent lately. Part of it was the flu last week, and then having so much work after my first day back. And part of it was something that happened last Monday.

My beloved Charlie passed away.DSC07541I know I just started talking about Charlie on the blog, but I’ve had him since last year, around the holidays. My sister called me when she found him at her vet’s, bound for euthanization. His previous owner had died, and no one ever really wants to take in older cats.

DSC07212 I took him in knowing that he was older, but also knowing that he was healthy and still pretty spry. Charlie was a good cat, never caused me any trouble, and a faithful companion to his adopted little brother.


Charlie didn’t suffer, and he managed to go into the bathroom to be near the towel he liked to lie on. I’d noticed he had been moving a little slow in the last few weeks, and he had lost a little weight. And I knew he was older. But as I told my mom, I just didn’t expect it. It all happened so fast.


I like to think that I gave him a good home, and lots of space to roam around. Thankfully, my roommate Reagan came to my office to tell me in person, and I had some time to process it all. But when I came home, and I saw the two little food bowls side-by-side, I lost it. I cried and cried. I’d become so attached, and it made me aware of how time is fleeting, and how close I am to my Dave.

I know that maybe I’m being a little silly, but I have such a soft spot for cats, and it’s so easy to develop a quick relationship with these living, breathing fuzz balls.

Rest in peace, Charlie.


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  1. I’m so sorry, hon. They really are part of the family. xx

  2. Aww Summer.. I’m so sorry about Charlie. I think it’s great that you opened up your home to an older cat, and I’m sure Charlie was very grateful for that. Hugs.

  3. Charlie was a good cat. I’m sad I could never pet him (because of my allergies) but he and Dave are fun to be around. Rest in peace, Charlie!

  4. You loved him good! I like to think he is happily sitting on his old owners lap!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty. I’ve been attached to animals that I had to give away (to better homes), but I can’t imagine actually losing one. We have two cats and two dogs right now, and I’m pretty sure it will be the death of me when something happens. I hope Dave also copes well. Sometimes it’s strange the way animals react to things like this.


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