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stick it in your ear Thursday: Adele

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I love music. That seems like such a trite statement. Who ever really says, “I hate music”? I mean, I know we don’t all like the same things. But I really like what I like.


Here’s what I’m loving on today!

21  (source)

Adele released her latest album, 21, this past Tuesday. Here are just a few reasons why I love her:

  1. Her voice is amazing. It’s like Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin had a baby that popped out with red hair, white skin, and British accent.
  2. She’s so adorable! I love that she has a real figure and natural beauty in addition to that velvety voice.
  3. Her lyrics are amazing. Seriously. Listen to 19, her 1st album, if you haven’t already. You’ll find it hard to believe she was 19 when she wrote that, and consequently 21 when she made this newest album. (Sensing a theme here??)

adele2b_wide (source)

Isn’t she gorgeous??!?

I’m still making my way through this newest album, and it’s been quite a treat for the ears thus far. My favorite songs right now are “Rolling in the Deep” and “Rumor Has It.” Actually, I’d be willing to say that “Rumor Has It” is my favorite. It has a great beat and fun lyrics. “Set Fire to the Rain” is another good one (my sister really likes it, too).

If you’re curious to hear before you buy, check out the entire album on NPR. (Thanks for the head’s up, Jen!) Not sure how long it’ll be up, so head over there fast!

If you’re interested in purchasing it, as I think you should, it’s pretty affordable right now. On iTunes, it’s just $9.99 and includes a bonus song, “I Found a Boy.” At, you can order it online and get a bonus CD with 4 extra tracks for just $9.99 as well. also has the album for download for just $9.99, and Best Buy has the lowest price with the CD priced at $7.99. Note: Many of these prices may just be for the 1st week; I know a lot of places with do that.

Do you like Adele? Have you heard the new album yet? What are you listening to right now?


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  1. I love, love, LOVE Adele and I’m buying her album soon, fo sho. Her voice is so sultry…some of her songs on 19 actually make me tear up! I agree with you about her new album…”Rolling In the Deep” and “Rumour Has It” are both awesome! Wait…is it Rumor or Rumour? She’s British, so who knows! haha. But she’s also stunning…and I had no idea she’s only 21!! Wow.

  2. I LOVE ADELE!! My husband’s sister (a trained opera singer) sang “Make You Feel My Love” for our first dance. Awww.

    The new album is amazing.


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