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Happy Val-late-tine’s Day!

(Yes, Sarah, he brought me flowers! But no roses 🙂

Hope yours was special! I never really had a valentine until I started dating Jonathan.

We don’t really celebrate. I mean, I wanted to really badly the first year, then the second year I got really upset because I got him something I put a lot of thought into and he didn’t get me anything (not that I needed anything, but I felt really silly). This year, I did have a surprise for him, but we mostly played it low-key.

I hate when people get all haughty and say crap like, “Oh we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. How very silly and petty of you.”

F. That.

I wanted a long time to actually have someone to celebrate V-day with, and dammit, I want it to be special! Not that every day with J isn’t special, blah blah blah. And the like.

One special treat this Valentine’s: My sister was in town! She had a doctor’s appointment, and I did, too, so I took a half day from work and we treated ourselves to lunch.DSC08372That would be yellowtail and scallion sushi at Surin. Yum!

On the left, my chicken masaman (basically a curry with avocado and cashews) and Autumn’s Thai noodle. These are two of my favorite dishes here, but there is so much good to be had.

Shortly after, Autumn and I headed off to my appointment. That’s when the incident occurred.

Back story: My windows on my car froze shut over Christmas. They all eventually thawed out, save for the ever-essential driver’s-side window. It’s not really been much of an issue—at least it keeps me from hitting the drive through, right? Well, when it came time for me to park in the deck at my doc’s office, I accidentally hit the button out of habit to work the window. “Oh, dang,” I thought. “That still sucks.”

We found a spot near the elevator, and as I prepared to exit the motor vehicle, I realize that the window is cracked a little. “Wow!” I naively thought. “The window has miraculously healed itself!”

Not quite.

My sister pointed. “Uh…it’s still going down….IT’S STILL GOING DOWN!!!”

(insert obvious that’s what she said joke here)

I attempted to save the window, but it was too late. With a loud noise, the glass fell into the damn door.

My sister was forced to stay in the car to keep the car safe and make the call to my father neither one of us wanted to make while I attempted to navigate the halls of a hospital I only have to visit once a year and therefore cannot find my way around.

Long story not-so-long: I had to drive to meet my dad (with the window down and consequently out) so that he could fix my car.

Jonathan and I were able to make it home to make a dinner I wouldn’t necessarily write home about. The veggies were good, but the rest? Eh.

DSC08391Roasted asparagus and purple potatoes, with grouper topped with a cherry “sauce.” It sounded good in theory, but I should’ve known better. The cherries weren’t in season, and the method didn’t really allow the sauce to reduce or anything.

I mean, I ate it.

The next part was the best.

DSC08396DSC08397DSC08406I bought the stuff to make these Peanut Butter-Chocolate Puff Pastry Pillows (say that five times fast) from Joy the Baker a few months ago, but this is the first time I’ve gotten around to it.

Oh, wow.

Or oh, shit.

They were that good. I love puff pastry. I could probably eat it on its own. Combined with two of my other very favorite things, it was a match made in my kitchen pastry heaven. We also had another special treat:

I’ll take ya to the chocolate shop…I’ll let ya lick the—

Wait, where was I? Oh yes. This wine. It boasted to be the “chocolate lover’s wine.” Now, while I’m sure there are much greater experts than I, I consider myself up the challenge of judging such a hefty claim.

It tasted…interesting. Very light, and chocolatey. I didn’t hate it, but it honestly felt like a novelty. Perfect for V-day, I guess!

We did most of our celebrating over the weekend (more later), but we still managed to enjoy February 14. How about you? Do you and your significant other celebrate Valentine’s?


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  1. Yay! You got your chocolate wine. At least your version looks like wine, not funky chocolate milk.

  2. Ugh! The window thing sounds terrible. Glad Autumn was there to help!


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