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what about kabob?

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This past weekend was absolutely fabulous in Alabama! I feel bad because I know many of our neighbors to the North were bracing themselves for the impending snowstorm. We were enjoying unseasonably warm temps in the 60s and 70s.

I kept seeing statuses like this on Facebook:  “So-and-so is going for a run!” or “So-and-so is enjoying a brisk walk!” To which I responded: “So-and-so can go fuck themselves.”

Sigh. Why the piss-poor attitude? My feet still hurt like a bitch. Now the pain has worked its way up my legs. I’m supposed to head back to the doctor to see what exactly is up, but I can’t quite afford the co-pay right now, so I’m waiting until next week.

I did, however, find a way to enjoy the weather without having to stay on my feet too long. I took my recycling! Yay! And I did visit Tannehill State Park with Craig and Joy (and Bowser) until my own little dogs barked for relief.

There’s one other delicious way to enjoy spring/summer-like days: grilling out! Craig suggested grilling some chicken and some veggies, then he took one step farther when he suggested kabobs. All foods on a stick get a thumbs up from me, so I was in. We decided to roast small potatoes on the side—they were PURPLE!

Look at all the gorgeous colors:

DSC08057DSC08054DSC08055DSC08056DSC08060We had onions, bell peppers, grape tomatoes, pineapple, mushrooms, zucchini, squash and chicken. Phew! It was quite the spread. The finished products:



Here’s a peek at my plate:


It was fabulous! And the best part? Since veggies and fruit are free, the only thing that really counted for me on WW were the chicken and the potatoes. We all enjoyed this colorful meal while watching part of Knocked Up and way too much Cheaters. That Joey Greco—he’s quite a host. My new goal in life is to be one of the writers that describes all the places that the cheater is going and what he/she is doing on the sly.

How was your weekend? What are your feelings regarding foods on sticks?


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  2. I love grilling skewers! So much fun, so pretty and so tasty. My favorite part about your post? That you possibly use the same amount, if not more, ketchup than me, and girl, I’m the Condiment Queen!

  3. Nick and I used to visit Tannehill when we lived in Tuscaloosa. I miss Alabama state parks… they actually have hills. Living here makes me regret not being more of an outside person while I lived in Alabama. It really is a beautiful state! Florida may have beaches, but there is nothing like hiking up a big hill or mountain and looking down once you reach the top.


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