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A while back, I posted a video about the snow in Alabama.  A few weeks later, it snowed on Christmas.




FYI:  I have never experienced snow that I can remember on Christmas, and this was the first true “white Christmas” to hit Alabama in several decades.

Earlier this week, I kept hearing talk of “more snow” and “a winter storm.”  In true Southern snow-virgin fashion, people everywhere stripped the supermarkets of their bread and milk.

167034_1507001924511_1518204736_31109850_7775819_n(picture a friend snapped and posted on Facebook, source)

I don’t know what it is, but ever since I was little, there was always the warning to “stock up” for winter storms, which means “bread and milk.”  Why?  I don’t know.  Milk sandwiches?  I know Northerners everywhere are laughing at us, but hey—we want to be prepared.  Whatever that may mean.

Me?  I have three bottles of wine, a full mini keg and a crockpot full of chili in the kitchen.

Ask anyone down here how often it snows, and they’ll likely say “not often,” but will definitely mention “the Blizzard of 93.”  People even still refer to it as “the storm of the century.”  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  We were out of power for over a week.  No school.  No work.  No heat!  We made grilled cheese sandwiches on our kerosene heater while my grandfather grilled T-bone steaks on the grill that were facing a certain death in a freezer with no power source.  I wish I had some of my parents’ pictures; it was really ridiculous!

I spent yesterday hunkering down with the essentials.

DSC07668 Vegetarian chili and nice glass of red wine.  Oh, and Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.  We finished last season—heartbreaking!  Here are some pictures of what’s going on outside:

DSC07658 DSC07659 My dad said that there was at least 7 inches in Gadsden, and my sister, up in Huntsville, got more than that.  The roads are all closed, work is cancelled, and everything in general has slowed to a halt.  My poor mother was supposed to fly out to KS for work today, and they rescheduled her flight for 6pm on Sunday, trying to “think ahead.”  Well, it didn’t quite work, and her flight was delayed—until 855am this morning.  Bless her heart, she had to stay at the airport overnight.  Even worse, her flight was cancelled this AM until this afternoon or evening.

And also, I’m not sure if you heard…but there’s this little football game tonight?  In Arizona?  It’s called the BCS National Championship Game, and my team, Auburn is playing Oregon tonight.  Tickets for airfare and the game are astronomical, and it’s looking like some people may have dished out their cash for naught—they’re cancelling flights left and right, and Auburn fans may be stranded for the day.

As for me, I’m about to make some coffee and spend the day in my sweatpants, watching movies, updating the blog, catching up on my reading (both on- and offline), and enjoying the day off.  How do you like to spend snow days?  Do you get a lot of it where you are, or are you like me, freaking out at the sight of the tiniest flake?


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