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After Mandy’s Three Kings Day party, I knew it was really over—Christmas, that is.  Which means…it’s time to take down the tree.


Le sigh.

I’ve been enjoying the ambient glow of the tree from the living room.  I guess I’ll have to get a giant night light or something now.

(By the way, you owe to yourself to head to Mandy’s blog and copy down her recipe for Spiced Sweet Potato Cake with Brown Sugar Icing.  It was incredible!)

Oh, and remember how I said that I got a fake tree because Dave would destroy a real one?


Yeah….see that giant hole?  (TWSS)  I love how casual Dave looks.  “Oh, what?  Who, me?  Well, I never…”

As I began stripping the tree (not of its lights, of course—the joys of a pre-lit tree), I started thinking of all my ornaments and where they came from.  I don’t have many, but they I can still remember where each one came from (or in some cases, who it came from).

Let’s take a tour, shall we?


After we graduated from JSU in 2007, my mom bought these for me and my friend Kaitie.  Doesn’t she look thrilled?  I think this matches my excitement from that year.DSC06982

I got this little lady on sale at Joann’s when I was making Christmas purchases.  I call her Theresa.  She looks like a creepy teacher.


Last year, at Stephanie’s ornament swap, the theme was pink.  I was so excited about this fella, but I got a migraine and didn’t make it over to the party.  I was sad to miss it…but the one saving grace was being able to hang Pinky on my tree.  (I DID make it to the party this year!)


World Market always has great ornaments, which is where I bought this Dave look-alike.


This ornament was supposed to be a prize at Tacky Christmas Part 2, would when there were only about 3 people wearing sweaters, I decided it was pointless.


Jonathan’s mom gives me “stocking” gifts every year, and they’re usually fun and useful items.  The first year we dated, she bought me some ornament hangers along with three of these adorable teapot ornaments.


This sparkling beauty was a fab gift from Reagan this year.  Whenever I see it, I think of the Girl Scouts song about friends.  (Make new friends, but ke-ep the ol-ld…)


My grandmother commissioned my cousin to paint these ornaments for all the grandgirls last year.  And so sweet—she even made one for Reagan, who came to visit, too!


Haha…not actually my ornament—I bought this for me sister.  I thought it was hilarious.


Probably one of my very first ornaments, my first roommate in college (and BFF) Melanie gave me this.  She worked at Starbuck’s for close to 10 years, and we were in there constantly.


You’ll find that a lot of my Christmas ornaments are pretty goofy looking.  Case in point:  I giggled for a quite some time after seeing this mouse.  Into my bag he went.


I’ve already shown this one before (I stole it at Steph’s ornament party), but I still find it so beautiful that I want to show it again 🙂


More World Market!  I loved this sushi ornament so much that I decided to keep it instead of giving it as a gift, which I’d originally considered.


Another gift from J’s mom :)  She said she thought this looked like Dave, too.


When I lived in my first house in Jacksonville (with the aforementioned Melanie), we had some super awesome neighbors at our duplex.  They were this adorable married couple who always invited us over for drinks and such—we even went to their wedding.  Amy surprised me one day when she knocked on my door with this ornament they’d gotten for me.  He was carrying an axe at one time…one of the other ornaments must have wandered out with it.


Not technically an ornament, but I made it one.  For over five years, including all four and a half years of college, I worked as a sever at Red Lobster.  I made some great friendships there and I really loved that job.  Someone gave this to me while I was still employed there, and it always make me smile.

What ornaments were hanging on your tree this year?  Do you have a favorite?  Is your tree as sparsely decorated as mine?


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  1. I love them! Particularly Theresa the creepy teacher. I can’t explain why.

    We only started collecting ornaments when we got our own place, so about 2/3 of them are bulk bought cheapies. I buy an ornament from the Christmas store every time we’re at Disney World, so I’ve got some really subtle Mickey Mouse going on 😉 My fave has to be this random polar bear we found on sale at Homebase – for some reason he would never face out, but always spin round to face the trunk of the tree. Because of this, we decided he was annoyed with us. This year, he faced out. I guess he wanted to watch out and make sure that the crazy puppy wouldn’t eat him!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! That cake is pretty good. If I don’t get back on the healthy food wagon soon there could be some major damage! Ugh!


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