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Remember when I said something big was coming up this weekend?  Well, I’ll give you a hint.

DSC07615 Need to see more?


That’s right—I’m running a 10 mile race (a term which I use very loosely) in the morning.

My first ever double-digit run.

Jen and I decided a while back we wanted to do the Red Nose Run, then we changed our minds, and then back again.  I didn’t think I’d be doing it until earlier this week, and now…here I am.  I’m absolutely terrified, but excited, too—watch out, 2011!  I’m coming for ya!

BUT first things first.

I knew I wanted to make something good for dinner tonight, something that would stick with me but not in a bad way.  And I wanted veggies.  I picked up a three-pack of bell peppers earlier this week that I was dying to use.  So I decided to go with an old cliche:  pasta before race day.

DSC07591 Pretty veggies.

DSC07600 All together, with pesto and white beans and artichokes (J had turkey).

DSC07596 A little freshly grated parm.


Perfect!  It was light, fresh, and delicious. 

Oh, and I had another special treat.

DSC07582 My sister gave me this magnificent Christmas gift—a Beertender by Krups—and I’ve just now been able to test it out.  With some help from this guy:

DSC07576 And this guy:

DSC07580 The first pour was all foam, but eh—it was to be expected. 


No reflection on my skillz, methinks.

Draft beer?  At home?  All the time?


Wish me luck in the morning!


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  1. Great pasta recipe, Summer!
    Wish you TONS of luck on your race!
    You go, girl 🙂

  2. I’m late, but I hope it went well!

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