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sweet potato fries and I shut my mouth.

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Ok, maybe not exactly fries.

DSC07314 But I’ve seen other bloggers call these little slices fries…so I will, too.

After reading Beth’s post earlier this morning about sweet potatoes, I knew exactly what I wanted for lunch today.  I also have a TON of these orange fellas in my kitchen, just waiting to be sliced and diced and baked.

I set the oven on about 375, sprayed a pan lined with foil, and lined these guys up for a trip to the oven.  I turned them after several minutes.  After I initially plated them, I noticed they were a little soft, so I left the rest of them in the hot oven as it was cooling down and just took them to work.  They were a little crispy and totally delicious!

DSC07327 Especially with ketchup.

While they were baking, though, I got to work on the rest of my lunch.  I bought some pumpernickel bread at Publix these week, and I have been dying to make a grilled cheese with it.  So I did!

DSC07316 Winnie the Pooh and a grilled cheese, too!  I used half a slice of Muenster cheese, and I drizzled honey on top.  Sounds weird, but it was amazing!  I love this bread.  It reminds me of pickles.  Maybe it’s the word pumpernickel?  Maybe it’s salty?  Who knows. 

Fun Fact:  In college, my roommate and I once bought a loaf of bread labeled, “PUMPERNICKEL PARTY LOAF.”  Ever since then, I’ve always thought of pumpernickel as the shelf life of the party.

I grilled this in about a teaspoon of real butter.  I considered eating it with some preserves (also a good combination) but decided against it.


On the side:  aforementioned “fries” and some of Beth’s black beans that I batch cooked earlier and froze (more on those later, I promise, but you can check out her link for the recipe and method).

My lunch was boss.

DSC07324 Do kids still say boss?  They should.  Maybe if they were to eat this sandwich, they would.

What’s one of the oddest combinations you’ve eaten?  Does the word pumpernickel make you smile?

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  1. I have a question, did you make that grilled cheese sammy and then take it to work after it was grilled? I always have a mad craving for the grilled cheesus at work, but I don’t exactly have a hot pan, george foreman or anything to make it with at work?

    • Ah, I wasn’t very clear. Sometimes I feel like other people already know what’s going on in my head. I come home for lunch sometimes, so I made my sammy while my potatoes were baking. They were quite ready, so I ate the grilled cheese at my apartment, then packed up the potatoes to take back to work. I’ve made grilled cheese in the AM, though, and then taken it to work in foil (not quite the same). I never thought about bringing a small George Foreman to our work kitchen; that’s actually a great idea!

  2. Yummmmmm. My sweet potato today did NOT hit the spot like it did last night since I had to microwave it. Not the same at all. But yours look awesome!

  3. confession –> I like sweet potato rounds much more than fry shape. something about how they are more potatoey 🙂

  4. I eat weird combinations all the time, but I’m having a hard time recalling them now. Mostly, I will just add lettuce to any leftovers and call it a salad. That’s not really weird, but thats the only one coming to me at the moment.
    Thanks for motivating me to bake up some sweet potatoes!


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