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sometimes, I just like to steal things.

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Oh, only when it’s legit.  Like in Dirty Santa!  Or more specifically, Ornament Swap Time!

For the past three years, Stephanie has invited me to her ornament swap (since I was an intern at the magazine).  And I’ve not been able to make it 😦  But on this, the 10th anniversary party, I knew I had to be there.  And whenever someone tells me Dirty Santa is involved, I usually get the wrong idea and agree to be there with jingle bells on.

When I first arrived, Steph put me to work in the kitchen—making me feel right at home!  And even better, she set me up mixing mimosas.  Now we’re talking.  On the menu:  breakfast for dinner.  There was breakfast casserole (crescent rolls, sausage, cheese and eggs, I think?  Need to get a recipe), pimiento cheese and biscuits, chocolate mint cookies, fruit salad, mimosas and cider.  It was all awesome!


I had a little bit of it all.


Stephanie’s condo is so cute.  I love these wall hangings:

DSC06620 Look closely on the left…you can see a visibly shocked hostess.

For my ornaments, I chose something I thought others might want.  (Hey!  I wanted to incite a jealous rage.)  I almost thought about buying one of these big-ass ornamental balls and showing up with it, acting all confused.

DSC06615 You have to admit, it’s pretty!

Instead, I went with these cuties from Cracker Barrel.

DSC07294Check out the pins on that doe!  Busy busy business deer.

I almost ended up with these sweet little guy:

DSC06621 But alas, he was stolen away.  In the end, I stole this beautiful origami swan away from someone else.

DSC06996 Isn’t it beautiful?  I know it’s not really traditional, but I liked it because it was different.

We ended the party the only way we knew how.

DSC06622 With some good ol’ fashioned weight shaking.


Steph knows how to work it.


As does Jen.

DSC06625 This all reminded me of the SNL Shake Weight “commercial.”

Have you ever attended an ornament swap?  How dirty are you when it comes to dirty Santa?  And spill it—have you tried out the shake weight?  Did you feel as nasty as I did shaking it out??


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  1. All of those ornaments are so cute!

    My mom got the shake weight for Christmas! I tried it about but didn’t like it.. tooo boring!

  2. OMG. The shake weight! haha I’ve never used one. I would feel way too dirty.

    • It was embarrassing for sure. My friend Steph said that a friend of hers has really nice arms from using it, but she gave her this caveat: “Don’t let anyone watch you use it.”

  3. I love the origami swan….I’m all about the “not quite so traditional” things too. Oh, I also love breakfast for dinner. My roomies in college and I used to do Gray’s Anatomy nights and have bfast 4 din….you know, before Gray’s got all extra lame and such. Shake weight freaks me out. Seriously.

    • Breakfast for dinner wins my heart every time. My mom used to make pancakes for dinner once in a blue moon, and I would so excited. Probably more excited than a child should be about food.

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