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it’s chocolate, it’s peppermint—it’s very refreshing!

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Ah, Seinfeld.

This year, I decided I want to make some tasty Christmas treats to give away as gifts (as long as I didn’t fall into the whole trap where Monica from Friends makes all the candy, and—never mind, enough sitcoms for one blog!).  I knew I wanted to make peppermint bark, since it’s both A) delicious, and B) cheap (and easy).

Ghirardelli chocolate chips and almond bark were both on sale at Publix, so I decided to make both a dark (ish) and white chocolate recipe of peppermint bark.  I started by unwrapping just short of a million starlight mints.



I put all the unwrapped mints in a Ziploc and pounded it like there was no tomorrow (TWSS).

DSC06712 After beating the shit out of my mints and taking out some holiday aggression, I got to work on the chocolate.

I just love these Ghirardelli chocolates.  They taste awesome, and don’t they look cute?

The white chocolate isn’t so cute…but it redeems itself when it melts.


Don’t really follow my example when it comes to melting chocolate.  It’s best to either melt it on a double-boiler (a pot on top of a pot of boiling water) or melt it gradually in the microwave to avoid burning it.

Once it’s good and melted, add about a half to one teaspoon of  peppermint extract or oil.  Add some of the crushed peppermint to the pot of chocolate.  Spread the melted goodness onto a pan that’s been lined with wax paper or foil (and sprayed).  Pop it into the fridge to cool.  I left mine in overnight.

DSC06726 Look at the beauty!  Looks like an elf just regurgitated happiness onto a pan full of chocolate.  Yum, right?

I broke this up into chunks and put some in some cello bags tied up with some string and paired them with a few other treats.  I think they were received fairly well.

Do you like to cook/bake/melt over the holidays?  What’s your favorite thing you made this season?


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  1. Props to you girlie….I love peppermint bark, but I’m just going to hit up the sale at Publix!


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