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are you ready…to party??!?

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Me?  Not so much.  I’m partied out, yo.  It started back with Jonathan’s parents’ Christmas party, then there was the 4th Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party.  Then there was the Greater B’ham Young Republicans affair at Rogue Tavern.

I know, I know.

What is this brite blue dot doing in a sea of red?  On her own accord? Well, I thought I’d support my wonderful boyfriend.

DSC06538 There was also some of this:


Oh, sweetie.



That’s pork quesadillas, fried zucchini and pickles, and some sort of lettuce wrap.  It was pretty good.

I represented my blue.

DSC06533 There was also this guy:

DSC06531 It may be hard to see, but that is, indeed, Dale Peterson.  If you haven’t already viewed the commercial for his campaign for the position of Alabama Ag Commissioner, please do so now.

I’ll wait.


Yeah, you can see why I was excited.  I got just tipsy enough to get my picture made with him when he left the building.  Sad day.

When we left, we were still hungry from the lack of real food at the event.  Enter Formaggio’s.


$5 pitchers???  How could I say no?  This blog ought to be called “That’s What Summer Drank.”



I don’t even really like ranch, but these were really great.

The next week, the food parade continued.  There was the Citadel party, which I look forward to all year.



I tried to fill up my plate with lots of veggies and fruit, but I can’t resist the awesome cheese platters they always have.  So good.  That meat on the right was so tender I cut it with a fork.  Also—I didn’t eat everything on both plates 🙂

Later on, I joined J for another work luncheon (separate job) that I actually forgot about until the last minute.  I’d come to work wearing an Auburn sweatshirt (dated Sugar Bowl 1987)  and tennis shoes, so needless to say, I wasn’t exactly presentable.  I hightailed it home and then up to the Summit.  Holiday traffic took its toll, and a drive that normally would have taken me 10 minutes took 25.  I felt so rushed.

My meal, however, was great.  We ate at the Macaroni Grill, and I tried to order something from the lighter menu.  I had the Rosemary Chicken Spiedini with roasted veggies.

DSC06760It was just enough food.  The chicken was juicy, and the veggies had so much flavor.  There was zucchini, peppers, eggplant and onion.    This was listed as being under 400 calories.  Sweet!

How do you try to practice moderation while indulging in all the eating activities that come along with Christmas?


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  1. I would be down for a drinking blog!

  2. I suck at moderation so I try to work out a little longer on days where I know I’ll probably over do it! Your hair looks so pretty in that picture!! I want mine to look like that

    • I try to do the same thing! It also helps me to think, “I worked out so hard today…do I really want to undo it?”

      You can have curly hair, too! I try to air dry my hair in the morning, so it’s as natural as possibly and willing to hold curl, then I use about 1.5 inch barrel curling iron on larger sections than you might think, then finger comb it out. Overnight hot rollers also work if you want curlier earlier in the day. Thanks for the compliment 🙂

  3. zomg….pitches of amber beer and fries with ranch? we must be sisters from another mister.

  4. Wow, you’ve been busy!

    When it comes to moderation during the holidays, I try to pick the things I love the most and indulge on those. I’m one of those people that eat because the food is there, so I try to cut back by choosing my favorites and forgetting the rest.


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