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from gingerbread to ginger veggies.

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Hello all!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  If you’re like me, Monday meant back to work :(  I’ve been enjoying some yummy holiday eats and spending time with my family, so I was none too ready today.  Luckily, we’re off for New Year’s Eve (since New Year’s Day falls on a Saturday), so it’s going to be a short week.

With the new year just around the corner, I’m hoping to get my priorities in order this week.  That means getting my eating back in check, cleaning up around the apartment, and of course—blogging!  Tonight I took a soothing visit to the grocery store to re-stock my kitchen.  I tried a recipe out of a book I got shortly before the holiday—The Carb Lover’s Diet.  The recipe:

DSC07270  I first read about the book on The Jen West Quest.  She had a lot of success, and I’m anxious to see what I think of it all.  I feel like sometimes I color too much out of the lines to be able to stick to any sort of plan (though I did well on Weight Watchers), but this book included not just valuable information re: nutrition but also recipes.  Granted, there’s the normal cheesy diet book copy, but there’s still some good stuff.

Any way, the recipe.  I was in the mood to hit the grocery store anyway, so I flipped around until I landed on this.  You can find the exact recipe here.

I started out by cooking up a serving of brown rice (I scaled this down from 2 servings to 1).  Then I put my shrimp under some running cold water to thaw.

DSC07260 I measured out about 2 cups worth of frozen stir fry veggies, which I supplemented with some shredded carrots that need to be eaten.  They’ve been hanging out in my fridge, making friends with all the other aging contents.

DSC07267 While the rice was finishing up, I grated and chopped my ginger and chopped some almonds (for the garnish).


Once the rice was done, I combined the ginger, soy sauce, honey and garlic to make the sauce.  I added the veggies after about a minute, along with the rice and shrimp.DSC07269 This was awesome!  I didn’t have the scallion that the recipe called for, but I still give it an A+.  It was super filling, and it made a lot.  (I think I may have used a little too much rice, but not by much.)


Ok, so maybe it didn’t look quite like the picture. 

DSC07275 But hey—it all eats the same!

I’ll recap later, but here’s a quick sneak-peek at my two favorite Christmas presents:

DSC07281 I finally got a Garmin!  I’m so excited for my next run so that I can take this thing out for a spin!

And then there’s my personal favorite:

DSC07286 Jonathan gave me these gorgeous earrings.  They are sparkly and lovely and wonderful and this picture does them absolutely no justice!

What was your favorite thing about this holiday (it doesn’t have to be a gift, of course)?  Have you ever bought/read/used a diet book?


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  1. The finished product never looks like the picture. I think this is a theme in my life.

    LOVE the earrings. Where can I find me a boy who gives jewelry?

    • Ha! Nothing is ever picture-perfect for me, for sure. I’ll ask my BF where they grow the good jewelry-giving boyfriends….though he never gave me jewelry until this year. Hm.

  2. I’ll have to check out this book from the library. I love finding recipes for two! 😉


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