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“you’ll shoot your eye out!”

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That’s what she said.


Every year at my work, we typically have a Christmas luncheon.  They shook things up a bit this time by taking us out for a delicious, fancy meal and then out to see a movie at the beautiful Alabama Theatre for the Christmas series.  Film of choice?

I’ll give you two guesses.

a-christmas-story (source)

In fact, I’ll skip the first guess and go right for the throat—I triple-dog dare you!



None other than A Christmas Story!

But first things first.

We left work and headed straight to DoDiYos, a Greek restaurant.  (The owner, George Sarris, is also responsible for another well-known Bham jaunt, the Fish Market.)  The story behind the name is pretty interesting; you can read more on the linked site, but it basically reflects his memories of his mother (do), his father (di), and his grandfather (yos).

Jonathan and I had the pleasure of visiting DoDiYos earlier this year, and I really enjoyed the food and also the service.  For our group party, the menu was narrowed down to a few choices of entrees, which actually made my choice a little easier.  However, we all got started with fresh bread and feta spread.

DSC06645 A few people joked that it looked like potato salad.  I will attest to the fact that it tasted much better than that.

The meal got started with a salad.

DSC06646 While it looked lovely and I’m sure it tasted just dandy, I don’t much care for this sort of lettuce.  I don’t usually care for salad at all, but if I do eat it, I’m super picky about what greens I’ll eat.  The salad I had the last time here was awesome:  radishes, carrots, feta, and spring mix salad.  I picked around this little guy, but I didn’t do much damage.

For dinner, I went with the catch of the day (mahi) served “plaki” style with onions, tomatoes and garlic.

DSC06650 With green beans on the side.  That little ramekin has a lemon-y sauce that went with another dish but was mistakenly put on my plate. (I sampled it, and it was creamy and tart and yummy.)

The fish was very firm and flavorful.  The “sauce” (as they called it) wasn’t too heavy and the tomatoes tasted awesome.  The green beans were good, but nothing too special.

For dessert, they brought out a sampler tray of Greek pastries:  cookies soaked in honey, Baklava, and what looked like a chocolate torte.

DSC06651 I had the baklava, and it was out of this world.  Flaky, sweet, nutty and it melted in my mouth.  (All qualities I look for in potential mouth-visitors.)

The movie was great fun after!  I love any chance to visit the beautiful old Alabama Theatre.

Have you had a holiday party at work yet?  Do you do catered to-dos or pot-luck parties?  And the most important question….what are your feelings on A Christmas Story??!?


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  1. Would you believe I’ve actually never seen A Christmas Story? I’ve seen a couple scenes, but I always seem to turn it on when it’s midway through on TV and no rental place has it this time of year!

    • No. Way! We own it, but we never really watch the DVD so much as we watch it on television! I usually get Christmas Stor-ied out by the end of the run on TBS. It used to be on for 48 hours on TNT—scary!

  2. Hmm… food looked delishh!
    Happy Holidays, girl!

  3. We do a holiday lunch with my work. It’s a small office so the bosses take everyone out to lunch! It’s really a nice thing for them to do.

    I’m sorry to say, I hate A Christmas Story. Maybe it was “before my time” but I find it obnoxious and not Christmas-y at all. It doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies like other movies do. That being said, my family chose to watch American Gangster this Christmas. Now there’s a warm and fuzzy movie for ya.

    • Oh, sad day! I feel like it’s very Christmas-y. I get the fuzzies when he gets the gun at the end, and when the mom and dad are looking out the window at the tree—sigh. I think my parents love it because they lived it…or at least some version of it.


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