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don ye now, your lame apparel

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It seems like nowadays, you can’t swing your jingle bells without hitting a tacky sweater party.  And while I know their numbers are many, back when we started our own tradition, there weren’t a lot of people staging tacky galas.  This year marked Tacky Sweater Party IV:  When Sweaters Attack.  (Side note:  I cannot believe this is the 4th Christmas I’ve had in Bham!)

In years gone by, my mom has provided costumes for not only me, but other guests as well.  She once said that she wasn’t sure if this should make her feel good or depressed.  (I suggested a little of both.)  Let’s take a look back, shall we?

n156803730_30928737_4889 Ah, 2007.  Those little gems came from my mom, and the polyester red pants are thrift store chic.

n156803730_30766398_1459As you can see, a few of our friends made their attire for the evening.  Always a good choice.n156803730_30766425_1165 The next year, I decided to join the ranks of the homemade and showed up with this little dandy.


The sweater came from the thrift store, and I used rick rack to trim the edges.  The tree was made of fluffy green pom poms.  The best part?

n2400524_35587012_4836 I’m not sure if you can tell, but it had really working lights.  BOO ya.  It’d be funnier if it weren’t for the fact that I actually had a sweatshirt like this in elementary.  The tree was made of fabric trimmed with pinking shears.  Classic.

Then there’s last year.  I was really going for, “I’m a mom, but I’m a cool mom.  Right honey?”

13746_222972858899_579158899_4076395_161154_n A cool mom who drinks beer and sings karaoke.

Jen was also wearing a sweater at some point, and I think Stephanie was in with the hot mom look.

22736_655480464755_2414955_37706872_2616544_n A cool mom who wears green tights and black boots.  Also, how fun is Rea’s Christmas tree??


I think this was at the penultimate moment of “Last Christmas.”



It’s like the Last Tacky Sweater Supper.

This year, in so many ways, December snuck up on me.  I didn’t really have time to plan, so…

67809_539318963630_31900089_31227802_1592957_n I went back to an original favorite.  I just love Matt’s.  In his words, “You’ve heard of the Boyfriend Jean; I’m trending the Grandma Sweater.”

I added some newness.  Who else do you know that can take this:


To this:


These fantastic earrings complemented the whole ensemble.


I found Mandy these sweet pants with embroidered trees and candy canes.


Hot performance from both Matt and Jen.


Fun times were had by all.





Have you ever been to a tacky sweater party?


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  1. oh my goodness, Summer, I love all your outfits! I’ve been wanting to have an ugly sweater party, but the time always slips by and then it’s Christmas Eve, Eve and well….I’m glad you guys had such a fun time. Invite me next year, ok?

  2. It’s a shame you can’t really see the pants. I did take a close up of my lap! I think I have an idea for a sweater I am looking to find for next year. Stay tuned!

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