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quick and dirty thursday.

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You heard me.

I’m so excited for a few reasons.  I’ve only run this distance once, and it’s been a while.  Also, I’ve not been running as regularly as I should be, and I wasn’t sure I could do it.  But I can, and I did!  It was drizzly rain the first half of the run, and we had to fight some traffic.  I feel like I can firmly describe myself as both “badass” and “hardcore.”

Jen and I made the decision to tackle this run earlier this week, and I was actually looking forward to it.  Towards the end of the day, though, I was getting really tired from being up early and having a long day at work.  But I knew I didn’t want to let myself down.


After stopping off at ALDI to pick up a few things (including a fresh pineapple), I headed home to eat dinner, stretch, and relax.  Jonathan and I are heading out of town on Saturday, and I’m hoping to take tonight and Friday to pack this up, clean up in the kitchen, and catch up on a few things.

Once I arrived back at the apartment, I got to work on dinner.  This morning, I made a really tasty chicken parm pita-type thing with a Publix veggie chicken patty, red sauce, cheese and mushrooms.  Verdict:  really good!  The ingredient list wasn’t the shortest, but there wasn’t much on there that caused a lot of alarm.  I decided I would use the other half in my dinner.  I give you…Barbecue Fake Chicken Pizza!DSC06756DSC06759  Sweet, smoky, tangy, crunchy—everything I was looking for.

I think I’m going to mix some of the pineapple in with some black beans I batch-cooked on Sunday (thanks to Beth and her awesome recipe) and eat it over brown rice for lunch tomorrow.

Also, I have to show you something….strange.  I was watching my video post earlier this week, and I noticed two weird things.  First, this:

Picture 17 See the “possibly related posts” at the bottom?  Which one of these things just doesn’t belong here???

And then there’s the recommended video that comes up after mine is through.

Picture 18 No words.

Happy Thursday!!  Or, as a former co-worker used to say, Friday Junior!

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  1. Mmm those beans with pineapple would be SO good! And hmm.. miscarriage?

  2. You ARE hardcore AND a badass!! (I feel like I said those 2 words a thousand times last night! haha!)
    Up next: our 8-mile run!!!

  3. I noticed the Glee hotdog thing and I laughed outloud.

    You are doing great! You’ll kick that marathon in the balls!

  4. Congrats on the 7 mile run!


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