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Ah, Christmas.  My calendar is always full during the month of December; the month goes by in such a whirlwind that the calendar through before I even have time to think.  It’s not that I’m Miss Popular, it’s just there are always so many things to do, events to attend and shopping to be done!  Last week kicked off the busy party time for me.

Tuesday, Jonathan and I were his parents’ guests at the annual City Sales Club Banquet.  It’s always a lot of fun, and the last two years the food has been fabulous.  I was a little concerned about the offerings, as I have been cutting back on meat and I wasn’t really in the mood for steak, which we’ve had every year—until this year.  I was pleasantly surprised with the menu 🙂

DSC06369 We started with a lovely salad of mixed greens, strawberries, mango, sweet reduction dressing and candied nuts.

DSC06368 I’m not typically a big salad eater, but I like mixed greens more than romaine salad.  The dressing and fruit was a tasty addition, and the nuts really complemented it all well.  (That’s what she said.)

Then came the meat of the meal—literally.  I was so pleased to find that salmon was on the menu!  The fish was topped with a medium-spicy salsa, with veggies on the side and a potato. 

DSC06376 The potato was cut in half, and it looked like the filling had been cooked and mashed and then piped back in.  The presentation was really fantastic! 

For dessert, we had tiny chocolate tortes that were insanely rich, with a berry sauce drizzled on the side.

DSC06378This was so chocolatey, so rich that I could barely even eat half.

I feel like such a bumpkin at these dinners sometimes.  I’m all, “Golly, y’all dinner AND dessert!  Dang!”  This year I actually took pictures of the meal, so I really felt like Jonathan’s country mouse.  Whatevs, I stuffed my belly full of delicious food, and I still managed to make it outside before I burped up my approval.  It’s the little things, right?

Oh, and one of the cool things about this dinner?  It was held at the Barber Motor Sports Park in Leeds.  It’s pretty cool; there was even a Grand Prix race there last year (one of my friends met McDreamy!).  Last year was the first year that they moved the party there, and I think it was well-received by all—especially Jonathan.


Sigh.  My babe in his toyland.


Country mouse comes to dinner!

DSC06385  DSC06382 DSC06388DSC06387 DSC06386DSC06392

Cars, cars, everywhere!

What about you?  Has Christmas party season begun for you?


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  1. Oh yum – that sounds delicious! I went to my husband’s office Christmas party a few weeks ago and boy are they working the recessionista vibe.

    Not only was it barely even in December, but partners had to pay. They squeezed his department into a party with another random company – about 30% us, 70% the other company, so nobody really felt like they could let loose. And the food? Average salad; hardly identifiable lump of turkey wrapped in bacon; and Christmas pud with some watery sauce. Oh how corporate life has changed!

    • That’s such a shame! I usually go to one other really awesome fancy party over the holidays, but it was canceled this year due to lack of funds. I’m surprised that more parties weren’t put on hold, honestly.

  2. You look so pretty! I need a full length picture of the purple dress, though!

  3. Love the cars! I was at an American Heart Association fund raising gala in WPB a few years ago held in a classic car museum, it was awesome and so much fun!

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