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SEC-ya soon!

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Hey there…remember me?

Um….ignore my frizz hair and glasses.

I’m currently watching the SEC Championship Game (WAR EAGLE!) and drinking one of these:

I’ll soon be back with our regularly scheduled programming—December is a busy month!  I’ve been doing some cooking, some shopping, some Christmas-ing…looking forward to some baking and candy-making soon.  Hope you all are well!  My question for you:  Are you buying or making most of your Christmas gifts?  Have you gotten your shopping/making done yet?


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  1. Oooh, I love Magic Hat! I haven’t seen that one yet – how was it?

    I’m definitely making most of my gifts this year. I can’t afford to give like I normally want to this year, so instead I’m adding value to my gifts by making them. We’ll see how it goes… there might literally end up being blood, sweat, and tears going into these things!

    • It was very tasty! Dark and full-flavored, but not too heavy. Overall thumbs up!

      Let me know how your friends like their bloody, sweaty gifts 😉 I think I’m going to try baking some of my gifts!

  2. I’m buying this year, but some of them were hand made by others (etsy). I don’t have the time/skills to make anything anyone would want to receive, lol. I am allllmost done though!

    Have a great time and I look forward to my regularly scheduled programming 😉


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