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guess who’s back??

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Yes, I’m back!  And I think I ate the whole state of Florida while I was gone.  Instead of inundating you all with a whole lot of crap about my trip and oobundles of pictures, I thought I’d pick out my favorites and break them up over a few posts.

First things first:  What did I eat?

It’s no secret that I’ve gained a little weight since my lowest this past April.  At least, no secret to me.  I’ve been really trying to get back on track lately, and I’ve found I can still surprise myself (what up, 10k??) when I put my mind to it.  I knew I’d struggle on this trip, because come. on.  It’s vacation!  You eat lots of crap you wouldn’t normally eat.  I tried to tell myself to enjoy my trip, eat what I wanted, but try to maintain some control.

I think I definitely ate things I shouldn’t have (oh, heyyyy, CiCi’s pizza buffet), but I also savored some good stuff (gourmet pizza) and tried to keep some healthy guidelines in place (fruit and *attempted* exercise).  When we first arrived, my parents, Jonathan and I went grocery shopping.  I made the conscious effort to not buy Doritos or other junk, instead option for fruit, oatmeal and yogurt.  (I’m not saying the junk didn’t make its way into my week, though.)


Breakfast stayed pretty normal:  bagel with pb and j, along with an apple and coffee.

Not-so-normal:  5 Guys.  And it was awesome.  I had a little burger with tons of veggie toppings and split some fries with Jonathan.  And I didn’t feel ridiculous when I left—miracle!

There was cheap beer and pool at the tiki bar below our hotel…

DSC05705 …and a karaoke DJ who looked like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

We hit up a little place called Tuscany for dinner and date night.  I had a Widmer Hefe, and Jonathan, a Peroni.


Instead of having a shot of Jonathan drinking his beer…I just have him drinking mine.

For our dinner, we chose a pizza that had several varieties of mushrooms, prosciutto, and a few cheeses, including gorgonzola.


It. Was. A-freaking-mazing.  So good.

My sister arrived about halfway into the week, and she, my mom and indulged in some shopping and chewing.

Seafood nachos with shrimp, scallops and other sundries of the sea, along with tomatoes, olives, jalapenos and queso.  And salsa.  And sour cream.  On the right, calamari, and cheese sticks way back in the cheap seats.

There were cocktails.

DSC05724 And French braids.

DSC05759 Not related, but hey, my mom worked hard on those.

The car show was replete with delicious fair food…at which I should have taken one look and ran away.


I would punch someone for a soft pretzel.  I would.  And those ribbon fries are so fantasticallybadawesome.  On the right are alligator nuggets.  (I still don’t know where the nuggets are on an alligator.)

The last day at the car show, we opted to bring our own food—barbecue and hot dogs.


Jonathan manned the grill.  He also arranged all the food on the table to the right, then said, “I set it all up so you can take a picture for your blog.”  So well-trained, that one.

DSC05884 I had some barbecue on half a bun, with some chips and dip.

DSC05883 I may have also eaten part of a hot dog and some sauerkraut.  (I’m also pretty impressed that I spelled sauerkraut correctly on the first try.  Suck it, spell-check.)

On our last night, we went on a mini-crawl that started at Shuckum’s with beer and shrimp.

DSC05912 DSC05913 DSC05920 DSC05919 DSC05916 DSC05914DSC05921 DSC05915
Meh,  It was ok.  The waitress was kind of a bitch.  And look at the Shuckum’s mascot on that stool:  Am I just a perv, or does it look like a penis?  No?  Just me?  Moving on.

We left there and went over to Dusty’s, which was a much friendlier atmosphere.


We munched on more seafood nachos (not as good as the others we had) and cheese sticks, which tasted like your usual run of the mill cheese sticks.  But the beer was cold and the service good.  Guess it’s true that atmosphere is everything.

DSC05924I swear, he was having fun.

On the way home, we stopped at a PoFolks for dinner.  I haven’t been here in years, but my parents love it.  When I saw the board advertising turkey and dressing, my mind was instantly made up.


I had turkey, dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce, along with a side of turnip greens and macaroni and cheese.  Oh, and the world’s flattest biscuit.

I ate every last bite.

Jonathan went with what he thought was catfish filets…

…um, not.  It was practically staring us down.  (Oh, and if you can see in the background:  Jonathan and I ordered totally separate, but we ended up with the same side items.  We didn’t even realize it until we got our food.  Sigh.)

Once thing we didn’t have:  pickled peppers.

DSC05953Dad wondered aloud if they would charge extra for the fly trapped inside.  Poor thing.

I started to slip into sleep around Montgomery, but we soldiered on (with some help).

After several hours in the car, some interesting chats and video-hilarity (get ready, YouTube), we made it back to my place.  Home, sweet, apartment.

Reagan and I promptly headed out for Salsarita’s.  I got my new favorite:  bare veggie burrito, no cheese.

DSC05987 It was honestly just what I wanted.

Aaaaaand there’s part of my trip, in a food-laden nutshell!

Do you allow yourself more food treats when you’re on vacation?


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  1. Wow, that looks like my kind of trip! I tried In N Out Burger for the first time on my honeymoon this summer, but I hear 5 Guys is even better! Is it a state-wide thing?

    I definitely treat myself on holiday. It’s part of the reason I go. Eating is a pleasure for me, and I’ve always managed to keep myself from gaining while on holiday by walking as much and as far as humanly possible!

  2. Girl, it was great. 5 Guys originated in Virginia, I believe, and we just recently got one where I live in Alabama. We saw this one in Florida, and since J was craving burgers and fries, we stopped in. They give you so many fries! I’ve never been to In-N-Out, but I’ve always wanted to try it! I think it’s a west-coast sort of thing.

    You’re right about the walking thing! I tried to park and walk everywhere at the shopping center and took plenty of walking breaks at the car show checking out the vintage rides. I attempted a run one morning, but my hip was still too tender from my 10k 😦 I think you’ve got it right, though!

  3. Recently tried 5 Guys too… pretty yummy. Looks like your food adventures were fun.

  4. Backstreet’s back!


    I LOVE Five Guys and I LOVE In-N-Out. Dude. Both so delicious. And now I’m hungry. Looks like a spectacular trip! (I haven’t been to Po Folks in years, and I’m so craving it right now!)

  5. Love the french braids.

    And I’d punch someone for a soft pretzel too. Best I’ve had lately? At On Tap in Hoover. Stellar!


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