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vacation, all I ever wanted…

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I made it!

DSC05611 That would be the cool wind in my hair and the multiple beach rentals that line the main roads.

A few things are the same.  I have my trusty coffee mug.

mug And my breakfast is pretty close to what I normally have.

 DSC05481 But I’ve got something I don’t have at home:  free time!

DSC05592 It feels good to read again.  I have a slightly different backyard than I’m used to at home, too.

DSC05640 The sky just looks bigger here.


I see some outside runs, delicious food, and much shopping in my future.

DSC05656Wish you were here!


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  1. Have a fantastic vacation! Oooo and Dry: A Memoir is SO GOOD.

    • It was so nice to get away! And Dry was fantastic. I love, love Augusten Burroughs (have you read Magical Thinking??) and I picked this up at a book sale a long time ago. This was the first time I’d taken the time to sit down and read in I don’t know how long. Loved it!


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