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99 problems but 10k ain’t one.

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Whelp, I finished! DSC05451Jen and I completed the Vulcan 10k on Saturday.  It was actually a lot of fun!  In truth, I think it was the best race I’ve ever had, including all my 5ks.

As you know, I started prepping the night before.  In addition to the wonder  that is Teen Witch, I also did some stretching and hydrating.  I got in bed earlier than normal and tried to envision myself having a good race.  (Didn’t stop those scary, “I forgot my bib number” or “I’m an hour late for the race” dreams from invading my sleep, though.)

The morning kicked off with a good breakfast.

DSC05442 DSC05443

I started of with an English muffin with some natural peanut butter and black cherry preserves.  On the side, I had hot tea with some honey.  (I’d been reading that some caffeine in the form of coffee or tea really works for some people, so I broke the cardinal rule of racing and deciding to try some.)  It warmed me up good!  I also took a hot shower the morning of, and I think it really loosened up my muscles.

DSC05446 Jonathan picked me up and drove me over to the start at Boutwell downtown, where I met up with Jen.  We made our way to the start, did some stretching, and before we knew it, the gun had fired and it was time!

The first two miles felt alright; I spent most of it trying to get my breathing rhythm down.  Shortly after making the first turn, the gloves were off.  Literally—my $1.50 mittens from Target served me well but I started to sweat almost immediately after my feet got moving.  I walked briefly through the first water stop, about 30 seconds, then I got moving again.

Once I made it down 32nd Street and hit the start of Highland near the golf course, I knew I needed to rest my legs a minute.  I took a short walking break, then picked it up again.  My legs, though, were feeling pretty exhausted, and I had to take another break or two.  The third mile marker was by the Independent Pres Church, and I started back again and didn’t stop until the next water stop, then it was full steam ahead until the end.

After that third marker, I think I really hit my stride—I felt GOOD.  I mean, I really felt good.  GaGa was blasting in my ears, and I knew I couldn’t let her down.  I passed Jonathan and Jermaine (Jen’s boyfran) on the downhill at 20th Street and gave them a wave.  I was starting to heat. up. regardless of the cold weather, and I took my jacket off.

My goal for this race was mostly just to finish, since I didn’t feel very prepared.  My goal for any race is to always try to do better than the last time, and I had also had two super-secret goals:  one was 1hr, 15 and the other was 1hr, 12.  And I am happy to say…that I finished in 1hr, 14 mins and 47 seconds!  So I beat most of my goals and blew my last time out of the water!  The last 1ok I ran with my sister, we got lost at the end and finished in 1hr, 37 mins.  It was bad.  My very 1st 10k I ran in 1 hr, 20 mins, 59 secs.

I credit my sparkly leg warmers for at least part of my success.

DSC05453One thing for sure:  I’m ready for new shoes 😦  I’m having pains I’ve not felt before, and I first got these in March.  I think it’s time.  I’ll probably do Brooks again; these have been awesome.  Like running on clouds!

I found friends Heather and Jeff at the finish line.  They smoked it!

DSC05449 We made our way into the auditorium where we found a welcome finish line treat:DSC05456 As Jeff said, it was 5 o’clock SOMEwhere.  It was tasty, and I felt like I earned it.

What else did I earn?  A delicious plate of pancakes at the Original Pancake House downtown!  Jen, Jermaine, Jonathan and I (that’s a lot of Js) waited a bit on a table, but it was worth it.  My wait was made a little better by the tall Awake tea I got from Starbucks, with a pump of Pumpkin Spice.  Yum!

In the three plus years I’ve been living here, I’ve never been to the Pancake House.  It was so good!  I had a half order of the wheat germ pancakes with an order of home fries.  Oh, and coffee.DSC05460 DSC05461

And HFCS-free ketchup!  My J helped me with my home fries, and I managed to put away all but one of my pancakes.  With butter and syrup, thank you.

DSC05458 DSC05459

Jen had pecan pancakes (which she pronounced PEE-can, and I had a giggle over it), Jermaine had cinnamon raisin p-cakes (they looked so good!), and Jonathan had eggs and sausage with three small cakes.  Thumbs up all around!

Shortly after dropping me off at my apartment, Jonathan had to work 😦  I, however, had a hot date with my favorite sweatshirt and fleece Christmas tree pants—along with my couch and Christmas blankie.

DSC05470 Ah, it was positively perfect.  I watched the 1960s version of Ocean’s Eleven.DSC05468 Summer Say Relax.

Dave enjoyed the lazy afternoon as well.DSC05465 I just love that fuzzy bastard.

Right now, I’m blogging from the beach!  My parents and I (and Jonathan and my sister) come down every year for a car show.  This year we were able to come for an entire WEEK!  I’m so happy to be doing basically nothing right now.  I’ve been going to car shows since I was a baby…this is second nature to me 🙂  Jonathan, on the other hand, who loves cars, had never really been to anything like this before he came with us for the first time.  It’s pure heaven for him.  I’ll be keeping you posted!  I’ve got a good recipe coming up this week, along with another squash tutorial.

Do you take vacations with your family often?


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  1. Congrats on your 10k!

    Love your “bastard” too, lol.

  2. Congrats — sounds like you did great AND you beat your goals! 🙂 Yes, the sparkly legwarmers were probably just the ticket! 😉 Oooo try the bacon pancakes sometime — to.die.for.

  3. Congrats on the 10K!!! Way to go!

    I just wrote a “magazine article” on the benefits of caffeine on fine motor skills for team sports. It was very interesting! Let me know if you want to talk about it!

    • I would love to! I also want to talk to you about hip pain sometime 😦 I’m having all sorts of new aches lately. I think it’s mostly because my shoes are worn out already.

  4. God, I need to do a 5k for the pancakes if for nothing else. Nice job!

    Your cat is SO cute! I love big boy cats the best!

  5. Wait, a 10k? If I did a 10k I could have double the pancakes, right? Sign me up.

  6. Ooohh…I want more of those pancakes right now!! I was so pleased with how we did on Saturday! Thanks for always being my cheerleader and pushing me to run in the first place! I literally got teary at the finish line, thinking, “Last year I couldn’t even run a mile, and I just finished a 10k!!” So thanks, girl! And, PS, that photo of you in your Cape Cod sweatshirt is so pretty!!!

    • You are so sweet! I felt beat in that picture. And those pancakes were awesome! I want to try what you guys had next time—or maybe that huge-ass apple thing the girl next to us had?!?

      Tearing up is totally acceptable—you crossed a HUGE goal off your list! I can’t begin to describe how proud of you I am 🙂

  7. Ahh, congrats!! My next goal is a 10k and I’m ready to just do it already! Of course, I’ve never run past 4 miles, so I have some work to do.

    I say PEE-can too. I always thought pe-KAHN sounded weird!

    • You can totally do it! I’d not run a good longer run in a while, so I was worried, but it turned out way better than I could have ever expected. Make it happen!

      I definitely think it’s a regional thing when it comes to pecan. I think I say it kinda like “puh-KAHN,” sometimes. I have a lazy accent, methinks.

  8. Congrats on the 10K! Best race ever, eh? That’s definitely an accomplishment!

    • Oh yeah! I took about 6 minutes off my best 10k time, and I think the fact that I hit my stride around the time I would normally be finishing a 5k helped, too. I got to the point where I would forget I was running!


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