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So, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry.  Not because I don’t like it, but I don’t have a whole lot of it, and I rarely take the time to put it on.  But I do have some gorgeous earrings that Jonathan gave me for my birthday, and I have this fabulous necklace that I got at an after-Thanksgiving sale that I always get compliments on.  For the most part, when I do wear jewelry, I wear a lot of the same things.

I do have two rings that I wear most all of the time, though.


My sister gave it to me for Christmas last year.  The side of it says, “Friends are family we choose for ourselves.”  While my sister is my family, and I didn’t choose her, it still works 🙂  She said that there was a sister ring, but she chose these because it came with two rings instead of just one, and we each get a ring.  It reminds me of those old friendship necklaces we used to exchange in elementary school.  I remember one in particular was half of a ying  yang—and it was a mood necklace to boot.

This ring is slender and plain, and it’s kinda dented where I got it caught on something, but I love it.  I think of my sister every time I wear it.

Another piece I love is this ring I got from Kohl’s, of all places.

DSC04372This one says “Live Simply” on the inside.  It makes me think of the way I want to live my life—no clutter, no mess, just simple.  Easy.  I also like to think about this policy when it comes to eating.  A life (and diet) free from preservatives.  All natural.  I like it.

Do you wear a lot of jewelry?  Do you have any pieces that mean something specific to you?


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  1. OK, I loved this post so much that I’m going to copy it. But I’ll give you credit! haha. Love the rings from your sister. I have a few pieces of jewelry that mean a lot to me. One: my heart & key necklace from J. Love that he gave it to me on my birthday, only a month after we’d started dating, which made me feel really special in his eyes. Two: my Tiffany key necklace from my parents. I usually ask for “practical” presents, like clothes or trips to visit friends. This time I wanted something purely superficial that I could show off. And finally, a black stone ring I got from a store in State College, where I went to PSU. Just reminds me of my time there, which I treasure so much! More on my blog later, perhaps!

  2. Great post, Summer! I have several pieces I wear often, one being my claddagh ring that I wear everyday, I got it for my confirmation when I was 14 (and my family is Irish) so it’s a big deal.

    I wanted to thank for you for the kind comment on my blog….I missed your email address, so sorry for hogging your comment box!

  3. I wear zero jewelry (unless you count my Steelers bracelet) , but I do have a ring and bracelet that are special to me. My parents gave them to me as a gift and I keep them in a little box by my bed. Hmm.. maybe I’ll wear them next time I dress up 🙂

    • You should! My dad gave me a a necklace when I graduated, but I hardly wear it because it catches the hairs on my neck 😦 Random I know…but that’s where my thoughts went to first 😉

  4. LOVE the leaf ring! I’m not a ring or bracelet wearer myself–I get distracted by having things on my hands and arms, but I like to wear earrings and necklaces. I mostly wear cheap costume jewelry, but I have one great moon-shaped pendant studded with tiny diamonds that I love.

    • I have SO much cheap jewelry—multiple bead strands from Claire’s, I’m looking at you. I get distracted easily, too! I think that’s why I like these rings so much. The leaf ring sometimes gets caught on things or gets turned around, but I hardly even take off the heart one. Your moon pendant sounds cute!

  5. I actually wear a lot of my mom’s old jewelry. Most my rings were hers before she passed away. I also like this gold string necklace that has a green stone (my mom’s birthstone was from August). And I love to wear it… I wear it whenever I feel like I need a boost.

    The one necklace I wear the most gets lots of rave reviews from people. I have rarely taken it off over the last 3 years. If it turns backwards, it looks like a David’s Star. So… I get asked if I am Jewish a lot. I got it on clearance at Banana Republic, just because I wanted something simple and sparkly to wear.

  6. I need to accessorize more. I have just my wedding and engagement bands, a nice watch (also from my husband) and a pair of small silver hoops that I inherited from my sister. I wear these everyday, without fail. I am so boring.

    • I like simple jewelry, especially when it has a lot of sentimental value. I’ll put on some more stuff when I’m going out, but I rarely wear anything more than my rings for work and everyday life.


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