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When I was unable to participate in Rachel’s last Project Tasteless Challenge, I was upset.  The thought of tying one (apron) on and cooking up something tasty delighted me.  Mostly because I already how many TWSS jokes it would spurn.  However, fate did not allow me to bake naked.  I knew, though, it would be on for the next challenge.  And here you have it:

project-tastelessProject Tasteless Challenge #2:  Pizza Tricks for Treats!

Rachel issued this challenge:  Create pizza inspired by your costume.

For my costume this year, I thought and thought.  And thought some more.  Jonathan and I were a couple costume last year, and while I didn’t feel like we had to do that again this year, he suggested that it might be fun.  I checked online for inspiration, and I finally settled on something that I could really get behind:

DSC05255 Apparently Jonathan felt like he could get behind it, too.

148469_713265238605_2414955_39587366_4579207_n In case you didn’t guess, he went as a boy scout 🙂  Technically, he was a Brew Scout:  His sash was covered with beer caps instead of badges.  (I was his toasted marshmallow.  Seriously toasted; we had a keg.)

I didn’t realize until later that I had most definitely chosen the least sexy, least flattering costume possible 😦  Such is life!

There was an assortment of tasty foods, but after a few drinks, I decided it was pizza time!  After all, the only thing better than a toasted s’more is a toasted s’more in the kitchen!  So I give you…


DSC05340 Oh, yeah.  I went there.  The ingredients are super simple, as is the execution.  Here’s what you’ll need to get down to business.

  • refrigerated pizza dough
  • milk chocolate chips
  • graham crackers
  • mini marshmallows

And that’s all!  You’ll need to spread out the crust.  It’ll look pretty vulgar:

DSC05317After you and your friends get your giggles out and make one too many penis jokes, pound that flaccid roll of dough into submission, flattening it out on a pan (we laid down parchment paper).   Next you’ll want to crumble up some graham crackers for the next few steps.

While I was making the s’more-gasboard sweet pizza, I asked Craig to take some pictures.  Little did I know how thorough he would be…I decided to set up a quick “video.”

(FYI:  I tried to set this to some music…but my computer was requesting MP3s, and sadly my MP4s are not compliant??  So much to learn.)

You’ll notice that there weren’t a lot of marshmallows on the far right side…I’m not always crazy about them, and I wanted to be able to opt out if I wanted to.  It was pretty tasty!

DSC05345My guests thought so as well. DSC05346 And if you were wondering…my roomie Reagan went as a Roy Lichtenstein painting.  I thought it turned out pretty awesome.



I just wish the chocolate chips would have melted more…but it was a nice take on a traditional s’more!

DSC05340 Because at the end of Halloween night, who doesn’t want to sink their teeth into something soft, gooey, melty and sweet?

And in case you were wondering…s’mores can totally get down with the get down.

DSC05310DSC05295 DSC053002 DSC05296

Or……not.  (B y the by, I wasn’t doing the Superman or the Soulja Boy or what have you in that last one.  I was, in fact, trying to “dougie.”  Where’s Caitlin when you need her??)

You should still make my treat pizza; it’s good—scout’s honor.DSC05260

Even though it won’t make you a better dancer.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

68755_713242808555_2414955_39586409_344727_n P.S.  The whole time I was making this, all I could think was, “You’re killing me, Smalls!”  Bonus points if you Name. That. MOVIE!


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  1. I CANNOT love y’all any more than I do. Totally bummed I missed this party.


    Love your costume! 😀

  3. You went as a s’more. That’s amazing.

  4. Sandlot!

    I say that to anyone who is doing something dumb at work.

  5. Also, is the title a Britney Spears reference? I love me some Britney!

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  7. Haha that S’more is getting down! I didn’t even know what the Dougie was until a few weeks ago, so mad props for trying to dance it. That s’more pizza looks deeeeeeelicious!

  8. I love the Sandlot….one of my students said I was as hott as Wendy Peffercorn, and while that is so inappropriate, it is also one of my shinning moments. Just don’t tell, ok?

    Love the “couples” costume idea!

  9. I love that you were a toasted smore! That pizza…my mouth just filled up with saliva..omg that looks yummy. We’ll just have to pre-melt & drizzle the chocolate before [or after] baking 😉

    • Haha, thanks! It was a fun costume, for sure. I definitely think a chocolate drizzle would be a good idea, or maybe waiting to put the marshmallows on till last so they don’t cook so fast. Toasted s’mores don’t have the same dexterity in the kitchen as, say, a sober s’more.

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