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It’s that time again:  Halloween.  Or, if you’re a girl, Whore-o-ween.  I feel like Miranda in Sex and the City:  “There are only two choices for women:  witch, or sexy kitten.”  There’s a great commercial on the radio right now for Callie’s  Love Stuff (an adult “bookstore” in town) that advertise their selection of costumes:  “Be a sexy nurse, a French maid, or the office tramp.”  Yes, sign me up, please.

I had a few ideas for what I wanted to do for Halloween, but now, as the time dwindles away, I’m just not sure how to execute.  I’ve gone the sexy route just once, my junior year of college when I first moved to Jacksonville.

100_1820I was supposed to be a pirate, but I looked more like a pirate hooker.  Or the St. Pauli girl.  (I had fishnets on just south of that picture crop.)  Note:  I thought my friend Mel looked great as Meg from Family Guy—I made those glasses out of pipe cleaners!

The next year, I went in something slightly warmer:  a giant fleece fried egg.

n156801213_30286093_7087 My mom helped me construct that out of poly fill, fleece, and an old pillow case.  My friend Toni was a pig.  (Actually, not just any pig—the Cooter Brown’s pig!)

Fast-forward about two years and almost 50 pounds, and I wasn’t really interested in anything sexy.  I decided on something that would be cute and mirror my fluffy feelings…but make it a positive.

n156803730_31122264_4695 Enter the bath loofah!  One of my favorite costumes thus far, I think.  Jonathan looks like schoolboy…but he was actually supposed to be Angus Young from AC/DC.

Last year, Jonathan and I opted for a sickeningly sweet couple costume.  Of course, you know we had to put our own spin on it.

37557_563952898279_156803730_32286308_649750_n The hottest power couple EVAR:  Joan Holloway and Roger Sterling from Mad Men.  I even made us title credits 🙂  (They have our characters’ names and then say, “as played by Summer M. Hunt and Jonathan E. Dorough” respectively.)

Another one of my favorite parts of Halloween is dressing up for the Rocky Horror Masquerade Ball.  I have a fantastic homemade Magenta costume that I try to perfect each year.


Oh, wow…I looked ROUGH.  But Erin (first picture) and Matt looked great.  He’s such a fantastic drag queen.  He calls himself “Tobanga.”  (What can I say?  We loved Boy Meets World growing up.)


Aaaaaand close up.

Last year’s was a little better.

16147_645747110475_2414955_37352614_6959392_n That’s Joy, Amal, Jen and me.

And just me:

l236427622 Basically I just get to dress up like a slut for Rocky and forego the whole process on Halloween.

Are you dressing up this year?  Have you ever been a part of a couples’ costume?  And you HAVE to have seen Rocky Horror….right?  RIGHT?!?!


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  1. Hahahaha LOVE the loofa costume! I’m not nearly that creative when it comes to costumes… this year I’m wearing my medieval ball gown and (since our halloween party is a masquerade) a mask. Colin and I don’t usually do couples’ costumes… he’s going as a minion from Despicable Me this year! 😀

    • last year J and I did a couple costume, and I was surprised that he wanted to. this year, I told him we didn’t have to, and he said, “but it would be so fun if we did…” and there you have it!

  2. I really TRY not to do the sexy thing (I just put a girlie twist on all of my costumes). Last year Nick and I were Bert and Ernie. This year I have a fabulous idea, but I’m not going to tell anyone. I don’t want people stealing my shine! We just went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show here in Jacksonville. They have a big to-do downtown. We didn’t dress up because it was kind of last minute, but next year I will definitely dress up. Your loofa costume is probably the best costume I’ve ever seen! Happy Halloween!

  3. OMG literally LOLing at the loofah costume! I’m not a big Halloween fan — I tend to buy as little as possible and do something simple — cat, cowgirl, etc. We’re dressing up at work on Thursday and I will probably be a cat… again…

  4. I love the devilled egg costume! That’s so awesome!

    I’m going as Amy Winehouse this year. I’m excited to play with my hair and do some crazy make-up and she doesn’t dress too slutty, so that’s a bonus.

  5. OMG you are so creative!! What fun Halloween costumes you’ve had over the years. I am so boring, I need to take some tips from you!

  6. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to dress up this year. I know!! Way to procrastinate.

    I wanted to be Wenda (from Where’s Waldo), but I didn’t want to pay $35.

    Also, I am cheap.

    Then I found a cute love bug costume at Walmart for $19.00, but they didn’t have my size.


  7. Magenta is my favorite too! I still need to go to a live showing of Rocky Horror….our school put it on one year, but I was a Tranny, so I was busy ON stage!


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