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I came, I Saw’s, I ate.

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By some sort stroke of luck. my dad and my sister were both in town at the same time.  We decided to grab lunch together, and we were soon plagued with the whole, “Where do we go?” problem.  Whenever I have out-of-town visitors, I always want to take them somewhere local, or somewhere unique to the area.  I gave it some thought, and I quickly eliminated several places right off the bat, since my dad is sort of picky.  My choice?  Saw’s BBQ.

DSC04412 Saw’s BBQ is a fun little hole-in-the-wall type of BBQ joint in downtown Homewood.  There’s a story  behind the name:  It’s an acronym for “Sorry Ass Wilson,” a nickname for owner Mike Wilson.  Fortunately, this BBQ is anything but sorry.  It’s good.  Good-ass BBQ.  Maybe even great-ass BBQ.  They should call it Gaw’s.  Gawsh, it’s good.

Wait, I’m losing myself.  Back to the ‘cue.

DSC04403After taking a look at the menu, I decided on the original pulled pork sandwich, with a side of mac and cheese.  My dad went with the smoked chicken with white BBQ sauce and baked beans.  Autumn went a totally different route with stuff BBQ baker.   (Fun fact:  If you order the combo, which comes with a drink, you can totally get a beer instead.  That’s what we did the first time we hit up Saw’s.)

Our food came out wicked fast, but in the very short meantime, we checked out our surroundings.



I want that sign on the right for my apartment.  And because I’m a 12-year-old:

DSC04407 Hehehehe.

Anyway, our food was out and on the table within minutes of ordering.


On the left, Dad’s chicken with white sauce, and on the right, Autumn’s gigantic baker.  I tasted each.  The white sauce was tart and tangy, and the chicken was out of this world.  The potato was huge, with generous portions of meat, cheese, sour cream and butter.



My food was fan-freaking-tastic.  Look at that macaroni and cheese!  Great big gobs of melted cheese and fat, fluffy noodles.  I died and went to hog heaven.  I ended up ditching the top bun of my sandwich; it just took away from the whole experience, in my opinion.

Saw’s vinegary sauce (or Sawce, as I’m wont to call it) is thinner than your run-of-the-mill tomato-based sauces.  It’s got some spice to it but it’s not too much for someone like me.  Fun fact:  My boss helped them out with some advertising and stuff, and her dad is pictured on the sauce bottle.


It says, “Shake it, Daddy-o” on the side 🙂

I think Dad and Autumn were pleased with my restaurant choice.

DSC04402 DSC04406

Barbecue is really an art in the South, and there are so many different varieties.  Is there something that your area does very well?  (Honestly, in the South…pretty much all we do is food.  And it’s all  pretty damn good.)  Do you have a BBQ preference?  I like the more vinegary sauces, mostly because I don’t like to douse my meat in sauce (that’s what she said?), but I also like thicker sauces, too.


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  1. I’m not a huge bbq fan mostly because up here in the NW all it means is gigantic portions of so-so meat dishes slathered in syrupy sauce. Bleck. I need to head to the south before I form a solid opinion on bbq.

  2. One day I want to head south for some real barbecue.

  3. There are few things better than BBQ on a baked potato. Seriously.

  4. BBQ!! I like thick BBQ sauces that are a little spicy and a lot sweet. That mac and cheese looks ridiculous!

    • I think I like the thicker, sweeter sauces on BBQ chicken. If that makes sense? And that mac was out of control. There were these huge hunks of cheese, all melted together…I need some now. (Did I mention it’s 8am?)

  5. Come to the Tejas, and we will eat BEEF. brisket baby, and it’s incredible. I know the absolute best place up the road from my house. They have smoked sweet potatoes as well. OH and fried okra.

    Seriously, it’s worth the drive.

    I love the sweet sauce. That’s what we have a lot in Tejas.

  6. You had me at brisket 🙂

    And smoked sweet potatoes??? I must know more.


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