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I’ve been doing a lot of this:

I’m ready to do some of this:

And maybe even this:


I say "some of this"...not even sure what "this" is...


This weekend, I don’t have a whole lot planned, just few casual things with friends.  But next weekend is Jacksonville State’s homecoming, and I cannot wait to see so many people!  Kristin, one my best friends from college is coming in from D.C.

We were almost inseparable our senior year, and I rarely ever see her these days.

She wasn’t going to come, but luckily I wrangled her in with promises of picking her up at the Atlanta airport.  Kristin and I have definitely had some good times over the years.  I feel like even though we don’t get to hang out as often as I’d like, we still pick right back up where we left off.

And I also found out THIS guy is coming home too!

Matt is pretty much awesome…we became friends in college as we were both communications majors, and I pretty much saw him everywhere I went.  He recently moved to New York City and is working accomplishing his lifelong dream of being on SNL.  He’ll make it, I just know it.

I got to hang out with some local friends Thursday.  We made sweet pumpkin carving magic on Craig’s back porch and filled our bellies with hot chili.  More on that later.  But in the meantime, I also had a pretty tasty lunch yesterday.

I sliced up some pepper jack cheese and melted it on a toasted sandwich thin with a little mustard, then layered a Morningstar Farms California turkey burger in between.  Have you tried these?  They have chunks of avocado.

Pac-man burger!

I like ‘em!  On the side, I had some sautéed green beans with a little parm.

It was a pretty impressive lunch considering I just whipped it up at my apartment on my break.  PB&Js and turkey sammies get old after a while.

What about you—do you have those friends who you never see but when you do, it’s always like old times?  And how do you avoid falling into the same old lunch rut routine?


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  1. You look absolutely beautiful in these pictures!!!!! 🙂


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