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This past Saturday, my sister Autumn, my mom and I joined over 16,000 other participants for the 2010 Race for the Cure, the highest-ever turnout in the race’s 19-year history in Birmingham.  This year, close to $1 million was raised to support breast cancer research.  According to the North Central Alabama Komen website, 25% of the money raised (net income) will go to research throughout the Susan G. Komen program, while the remaining 75% will stay in Birmingham to fund education and breast cancer screen projects.

Some fast facts on breast cancer:

  • Over 200,000 women are affected
  • The average size of a lump found by accident is the size of a silver dollar
  • An estimated 1,690 men will diagnosed with breast cancer this year
  • Anyone can get breast cancer, even women in their 20s, but the older a women is, the more likely she is to have breast cancer
  • Every woman is at risk—only 5-10% of all diagnosed breast cancers occur because of inherited mutations
  • The 5-year survival rate for women diagnosed is 89 percent, and early diagnosis is key:  When found early on before it can spread, the 5-year survival rate is 98%

I started early that morning with a reliable breakfast:


Whole-wheat bagel thin with natural pb and sunflower seeds on one half and Smuckers Simply Preserves in Black Cherry on the other.


My sister brought me this cute tee to wear (we were matchy-matchy!) that said, “Protect 2nd Base.”

We had a woman ask us what 2nd base was…I responded by gesturing towards me chest.  “Oh!” she said.  “Well then what’s 1st base?”  My sister was a slightly at a loss for words, but she still responded.  “Kissing?”  The woman looked back at her, absorbing this new-to-her information, then confidently stating, “All I know is that I know what home plate is.”  (She further confirmed this when she later told my mom that she had SEVEN kids—including a set of twins.)

As for the race itself…I knew I wouldn’t be breaking any records since it was going to be so crowded.  One thing I’d not counted on was how HOT it was.  And how.  It was steamy and the sun was blazing.  The whole time I was cursing Alabama for not knowing that it is the freaking MIDDLE OF OCTOBER.  It should be chilly, at least.  I stopped to walk just twice, for about two blocks.  I never stopped for water, though.  My stomach told me I’d be better off not and saying I did.

I think the course was slightly over 3.1, and I finished in around 38 minutes.  Definitely not my best time, but I definitely think the crowd slowed me down a bit.  But I finished!

I love how they dyed the fountain pink:

DSC04432 DSC04439 

Some of the buildings around town are also being highlighted with pink lights.  It’s pretty cool at night.  Last year they swapped some of the streetlights out for pink ones, too.

We rounded out our morning (me, mom, and Autumn) by going to Panera for a bagel then heading back home to crash for a little bit.  I interrupted my brief break to begin getting ready for the 1st wedding of the weekend.

Have you participated in a Race for the Cure event in your area?  I know there’s been a lot of hubbub recently about “pinkwashing,” and Rachel wrote an interesting post about how commercialized Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) has become. 

I agree to an extent, especially how some companies are able to claim that they make a donation for products purchased, but then you come to find out that it’s a measly amount.  I don’t necessarily buy things just because they support BCA unless I was likely going to buy them anyway. 

BUT I have participated in Race for the Cure for the past three years.  And I also ran the Head Over Teal 5k in September for Ovarian Cancer, solely because I appreciated where the money was going. 

Another reason I hate the commercialization is because we lose sight of other important cancers and awareness months—like Childhood Cancer Month in September.  Thoughts?


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  1. I didn’t know they were going to dye the fountain pink!! I love it! And I love those T-shirts; I want one!! So wish I could’ve run this with you girls, but my sister’s wedding is more important. So glad it went well for you! And 38 is bad at all; as you’ve said to me, each race is different, each run is different. Can’t wait ’til our 10k in November!

  2. Race For The Cure is such a great event. Love the “Save 2nd Base” t-shirts… too funny!

  3. I love the pink fountain!

    My mom passed away from breast cancer so it’s a really important cause to me. A team of my friends and family does the Run for the Cure every year.

    Thanks for posting the stats, it’s really important that women are aware.

    • So sorry to hear that about your mom. I’ve had a lot of women close to me affected my breast cancer, and I lost a good friend several years ago due to complications. Early detection is the key…and we will find a cure.

  4. Your shirt is so freaking cute! Pinkwashing or no, participating in the event is an awesome thing to do, so go you 😀

  5. What I loved was our new friend started the conversation with, “Do you girls play softball?” We were like, huh?


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