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oh pumpkin, my pumpkin!

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It’s fall!  Well, it doesn’t quite feel like fall here in Alabama yet, but a girl can dream.   (We have had temps in the high 70s/low 80s this week, so, fingers crossed!)  While it’s not yet time for me to pull the wool over my thighs, I can at least fill my mouth with the taste of the season.  Here are some of my favorites:

Pumpkin Beer

I love beer.  And I love pumpkin.  So why wouldn’t I love the two together?  This Sam Adam’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale tastes amazing.  Alas, it’s only available in multi-packs, which actually on contain two measly bottles.  This season, I’m hoping to find the Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale by Anheuser-Busch.

I know I’ve seen it every year until the year I’m actually looking for it.  It comes highly recommended by Kat, as does Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale.

Pumpkin Bread

When I was working over at Southern Living, I got a shit ton of magazines.  And one of my favorites was fellow Southern Progress publication Cooking Light.  I got this fantastic recipe for chocolate chip pumpkin bread from one of my old mags.  To make it healthier, I subbed in applesauce for oil, cut down the sugar and used whole-wheat flour.  The applesauce and the vanilla pudding make it really moist.  (Hint:  I also add pumpkin pie spice.)

Also, I know it’s not pumpkin bread per se, but you simply MUST try this fantastic recipe for Pumpkin Poblano Corn Muffins from Gabi at Broke-Ass Gourmet.  They’re spicy and sweet!  (FTR, I’ve loved everything I’ve ever made from that site.)

Butterscotch Pumpkin Cookies

I actually found one of my very favorite blogs, which used to be called Shedding It, when someone shared this recipe for the most amazing and addictive cookies you’ll ever find.  Again, I made some substitutions (whole wheat flour, unsweetened applesauce instead of oil, and one egg+two egg whites), but I think you’ll find them delicious either way.  And check Rachel’s hilarious musings while you’re over there!

Pumpkin Pancakes/Waffles

I came across this recipe for pumpkin pancakes somehow last year, and it’s been my go-to recipe for both pancakes and waffles.  They come out very thick and moist, but still very pancake-y.  I like them with applesauce instead of syrup.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Also when I was working at the magazine, I had the privilege of having a boss that could really cook up a storm.  She had us over to her house for an incredible lunch that Christmas, and she served up one of the tastiest, creamiest pumpkin cheesecakes for dessert.  I’m not sure about her recipe, but I made this one last year and didn’t get any complaints.  (Can’t go wrong with Paula, y’all.)

Pumpkin Lattes

While these abound at most overpriced coffee shops near you (hello, Starbucks, I love you), I can’t wait for the season to arrive when I can buy my very own Pumpkin Spice creamer from Coffeemate.

I’ve been known to buy several and freeze some.  Maybe you’re not supposed to do that, but…I don’t care.

Pumpkin Treats

I am totally diggin’ on these yummy bars from Kashi.

There’s one for whatever mood I’m in, be it crunchy or chewy.  Warning:  The chewy bar is pretty spicy!

What are your favorite fall-themed food items?


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  1. Gahhhh – How is it the 4th day into October and I have not have one pumpkin thing yet?!? That must change ASAP!

  2. I seriously love all things pumpkin. And I didn’t even know pumpkin beer existed until reading healthy living blogs starting this year. Of course I’m pregnant this fall so I can’t have any. Oh man do I want to try some!

    • I know right?? I’d seen pumpkin ales, but never really tasted any that were as pumpkin-y as I wanted them to be. You should hoard some seasonal beer away for yourself to have after you have the baby! (Scratch that…they might be bad by then 😉

  3. Ooooo I was JUST thinking about seasonal/pumpkin beers [umm at 10:26am at my desk… whoops…]; thanks for suggesting these. I definitely need to try one soon. It’s still pretty warm in Texas here, so the cold beer + fall flavors may cure my seasonal woes.

    • I know exactly what you mean! You should really try the Sam Adams seasonal. It’s so spicy, but still so delicious cold! And I’m ALWAYS thinking about beer, even at my desk!


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