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what the Friday?!: traffic disturbances

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This WTFriday?! is brought to you in living color, with pictures!  And what’s more…I have a theme.  Yup.  I saw some interesting folks while out on the road.  Note:  I took these pictures myself, but my motor vehicle was at a standstill.  You heard it here first.

While I was driving home from work earlier this week, I noticed this fellow bobbing and weaving down the sidewalk.  He would speed up, slow down, work it from side to side…at one point, he almost careened into the busy boulevard.  He looked like a child’s wind-up toy.  He finally came to rest at the corner, hugging on to the streetlamp pole for dear life.  I assumed he was waiting on a light to cross the street.  Well, he was.  Just not what I was expecting.

As you can see…I, and the cars across from me, have a green light.  Which means go.  Yet this man is just casually cross the street, like he’s just out for a quick jaunt to the store.  Luckily, we all waited for him.  (I think he might have hit up happy hour down the street.)

Again, while leaving work, I saw this next guy.  Now, I see runners all the time in downtown.  In all weather, and all shapes and sizes, at any time of day.  So I wasn’t surprised to see this guy out of the corner of my eye.  But upon closer inspection, I noticed something a bit out of sorts.

What’s wrong with this, might you ask?  What’s that on his back?  Some type of knapsack?  Why no.  Not even close.  Let’s take a better look:

Those are green pants…and some knee-length black dreadlocks that you are looking at.  Love.  It.  I can’t even handle when my long ponytail brushes my shoulders and neck when I run.  Apparently I should take a lesson from this guy.

And this next photo is just something that struck me as dumb.

Why in the world would you pay for a personalized tag…that just spells the name of your home state?  Couldn’t you state that just as effectively with, oh, I don’t know, the license plate that your home state issues to you with no extra costs?  Sigh.

Well, I’m off to spend some QT with my family this weekend in the form of a big-ass yard sale.  In the meantime, how’s about you tell me…what’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on your daily commute?  Or just on the street in general?  Would you/have you purchased a vanity plate?  (As for me:  I have one 🙂

PS  I just wanted to add in this last WTFriday?! piece, emailed to me by my lovely sister.  You’ll want to read the article, but here’s the accompanying picture:


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