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old friends and cold beers

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***If you haven’t seen it already, I posted a tab up top with my race recaps and such.  Check-check-check it out!***

Last night I was able to catch up with one of my very best friends, Matthew.

We’ve known each other for what feels like forever, and we’ve been through a whole hell of a lot together.  He’s one of the coolest and most interesting people I know, and brave, too:  last year, he packed up everything he could take with him and moved off to New York City!

I think I've used this one before...I should really go back and find some of the old ones of us from high school!

Matt has since moved back to Bama, but he’s just biding his time until he can make his next big escape to the big city.  In the next month, he’s going to visit a friend in San Diego.  I just hope he doesn’t fall in love with the West coast and decide to leave me forever!

We decided to play it casual and spend some time over at Rojo, which is one of my favorite little eateries.  (I’ve mentioned it on here before; Jonathan and I went there after my disastrous 5k earlier this month.)  There’s local art and a great atmosphere.  Your options are super varied with both a Latin and American menu to choose from.  It’s also super close to apartment, so we just walked over.

To get the party (of two) started, I got us a pitcher of one of our favorite beers:  PBR.

Don’t hate—it’s cheap and delicious, and it pretty much got me through college.

To fill our bellies, we opted to split the nachos with some extra guac on the side.

Rojo’s nachos are gooey, salt, melty, crunchy and pretty much everything I was looking for that night.

Once we were sufficiently fueled and slightly buzzed, we made our way over the George Ward Park to watch the boyfriend play some kickball.  I made it over just in time to see my sweetie run towards first, but alas, their team didn’t win.  But doesn’t he look like he could have?

my ball-kickin' baby

To close out the night, Matt and I drove over to the local On Tap for cheap brews—$3 drafts on Thursdays.  I was craving a Magic Hat #9, and Matt indulged in a Stella Artois.

mmm, tastes magical


Jonathan joined us toward the end of the night.  I love nothing more than to sit and chat with an old friend and a cold beer.

Matt is one of the people I don’t see as often as I’d like to, but when we’re together, we pick up right where we left off.  My BFF from kindergarten, Fayla, is like that, too.  In fact, she just got engaged and asked me to be her maid of honor; I’m so excited for her!  Do you have those sort of friends?


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