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heart vs. soles

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Howdy!  Tonight I ran with Jen and Craig over at the new Railroad Park area in downtown.  It is so lovely!  I can’t believe we have something like this in Birmingham.  There were a lot of people out and about, enjoying this fantastic weather—it’s been in the upper 70s-lower 80s here.  The run started out ok…until it went downhill. 

It was bad.

My legs felt like lead.  I had shin splints and muscle pain, and I wanted to cry.  It was like stabbing, knife pain.  I’m really not sure what my problem was.  We walked—a lot.  I felt bad, but I just knew that I couldn’t make it or I’d been in serious pain for the rest of the night.  I’m not exactly sure what caused it, but I have two very different theories:  my feet and my heart.

I say my feet because I wore these heels all weekend I wasn’t used to, and I did a lot of standing and dancing (at the wedding).  My feet and legs were pretty sore.  And as for my heart…I think my heart just wasn’t in it.  I mean, I wanted to run, to feel active and enjoy the cool breeze on my skin, but I think I just wasn’t all there.  (I’m in a bit of a muddy funk; I’ll be posting about this later.)

Anyway…we finished about three miles in around 45 minutes.  At least I did the distance and got out and moved, right?  Right??

I’m pretending that you said yes. 

I did have something to ease my pain:  the promise of dinner and tonight’s Britney-themed episode of Glee!  Loved it.  And John Stamos….yum.  Equally as tasty was my dinner:


I had some steamed broccoli and parm/cheddar cheese, along with a piece of pan-seared salmon that I coated with a few splashes of reduced-sodium soy sauce, honey and garlic.  (The black sludgy looking stuff was actually YUM glaze leftover in the pan.)  Also on the side….Rachel’s beer bread.  (I made another loaf last night.  Sorry I’m not sorry.)

We spent a better part of the evening chatting with my neighbors outside; I love getting to know people!

Have you ever had those runs/exercise sessions where you just aren’t feeling it, no matter what you do?


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  1. Summer, I’ve definitely had those runs! And it’s totally OK if you weren’t feeling it last night. It WAS still great that you got out and moved. And we did cover 3 miles! I’m sorry I’m not sorry that we walked some. We’re allowed to walk some!

    Sorry you’re feeling a bit muddy…cheer up, girlie!! Love you!!

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