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what the friday? weekend plans & beetle juice

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I can’t believe it’s already Friday!  There were a million things I wanted to do this week and weekend, like stuff my face during the 1st-ever Birmingham Restaurant Week, cram even more food in my mouth at the Greek Food Festival and take in some flicks at Sidewalk.

I was able to visit two places for Restaurant Week (more on that later), which ends tomorrow.  I’ll miss Sidewalk because I have to be out of town for a wedding tomorrow  (and will also be gone Sunday), but I’m hoping to snag some treats at the Greek Food Festival either tonight or tomorrow afternoon.  We went last year, and on top of the rain, it was a huge cluster-eff.  I’m hoping to outsmart my last-year self by going early and just retrieving my food and taking it home using a clever carpool system.

Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival has been going on since 1999, and it’s been recognized by the likes of the Wall Street Journal and TIME magazine.  How it works:  A diverse array of movies is shown at various venues around downtown, including documentaries and short films.  You can purchase a weekend pass or individual tickets.  My first year in the city, we went to see The Ten (which included a cameo from my steamy 60s crush Don Draper…or rather, Jon Hamm), which I loved.  (Fun Fact:  Board president for Sidewalk is Birmingham native Alan Hunter, one of MTV’s original veejays.

One of the films playing at SidewalkThe Human Centipede.  Have you heard about this?  I, for one, am surprised they’re showing it, but I know a lot of people that are interested.  I know folks that have seen it, and some say that’s not so much a good movie and that it relies on shock value a lot.  You can check it out on IMDB to see the basic premise…it sounds ridic.

Some interesting stories from the week…

A massive recall was made on containers of Similac baby formula, made by Abbott.  The reason?  Some affected batches may contain the presence of a small beetle or its larvae.  You can go here to find out if you have any of the beetle juice powder.  Apparently there are no immediate health risks, but it can make your baby sick.  And oh yeah, there are BEETLES IN IT.

I saw this interesting story while watching the Today show earlier this week:  A pregnant woman was diagnosed with an incurable and aggressive cancerous tumor on her pelvis.  To save her life, they virtually cut her in half and put her back together again.  It was about two years ago, and now she walks with a prosthetic and is cancer free.  You really need to see the video on the Today site where they show just how they did things—incredible.

Other strange bits gathered from  a burial at sea gone terribly awry (who knew that these were legal for anyone other than goldfish?), a DUI game-changer and a Venezuelan politician who knows how to attract the ladies.

Any fun weekend plans?  Also…after you check out the link for The Human Centipede, I have to know:  Would you see it?

Additionally, this can’t be for real.  (Barbie would never have stormed into Ken’s dream house unannounced, let alone the White House.)


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  1. The Human Centipede sounds TERRIBLE. Definitely would not see it, though it could be because I hate horror movies — any time I try to watch one I basically cover my eyes the entire time.


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