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This week, Birmingham held it’s very first Restaurant Week!  The event lasts for nine days, ending this Saturday.  There were so many places I wanted to hit up, but time got away from me, and before I knew it, the week was full.  I managed to steal Jonathan away for a lunch date downtown at a new place I’d been dying to try since I saw Jason’s mention of it on his blog (and the Bham mag blog, Good Taste):  brick&tin.


There are three different price levels for BRW:  $10.10, $20.10,  and $30.10.  brick&tin had a menu option in the lowest pricing tier, and it included a sandwich, a side, a (non-alcoholic beverage) and a cookie.

DSC03909 DSC03907

I went with the provence panini, with roasted farmer’s market vegetables, pesto, extra virgin olive oil and goat cheese.  For my side I had the butternut squash soup, and my cookie was a shortbread sandwich with muscadine jam.

DSC03912 DSC03918DSC03921

Jonathan chose the new orleans, with salami, capicola, mortadella, provolone and olives.  (It was basically an attempt at a muffuletta, but as I’ve said before—nothing can compare to Central Grocery in NOLA.)  On the side, he had a cup of tomato soup and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.


Atmosphere:  I really, really liked this place, inside and out.  I love going to eat in downtown Birmingham because it makes me feel like I’m in a “real” city, and brick&tin did not disappoint.

The exterior was very cool, and the inside was just lovely, with exposed brick and a lunch counter/bar.

DSC03898 DSC03911

Even the bathroom was fancy!


Food:  My sandwich was delicious, but it fell apart when I tried to eat it.  The cheese was creamy and tart, and the pesto was nutty and sweet.  The veggies were cooked perfectly.  The squash still had a bit of a bite, and the other mysterious veggie (eggplant?) had a great flavor, even if it was slightly mushy.  The soup was FANTASTIC!   Creamy, smooth, sweet…perfect.  I enjoyed my cookie later at my desk.  The jam was sticky and sweet, but the cookie part was just okay.  Not bad, just not standout awesome.

Jonathan gave the sandwich a resounding “mmmm.”  While it was no muffuletta, it was still tasty.  The tomato soup was nice and tart.  I didn’t get to taste his cookie, but he also gave it two crumb-coated two thumbs up.

Something else I loved about this place:  They use local ingredients!


There’s even a source guide available.  Very cool, brick&tin.  Very cool.

Does your town have a restaurant week?  What sort of places do you normally hit up?


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