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they like me! they really like me!

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Yesterday was our company luncheon at work.  I was a little concerned about what I would eat (I’d honestly forgotten it was that day), but the selection proved to be decent.  The food was from Carraba’s and included pasta with peas and mushrooms (in a light sauce; extra alfredo was on the side), broccoli and side salad.

I surprised even myself by getting a little of the salad.  It was loaded up with fun stuff like kalamata olives, crunchy celery, juicy tomatoes and red onion.  The dressing was a tart house Italian.  The broccoli didn’t taste like it was drowned in butter or oil, so that’s a plus.  I tried to load up with more of that and just a little pasta.

While we were all enjoying our meal, my boss (the company president) began conducting normal business.  Then it was time for the Employee of the Quarter (we no longer do it every month).  My boss began to describe the person deserving of the award, saying that people enjoyed being around them and that they were a good worker. 

“This person is mostly subtle in their smart-ass-ness,” he went on to say.  I kept eating, having no idea who he was talking about.  Then he turned towards me.  “Congratulations, Summer,” he said.  I was in shock! 

I’m super excited to have been awarded with this honor.  It was totally unexpected.  I got a certificate (that I’m sure I’ll be posting on the fridge) and generous gift card.  Jonathan and celebrated by going out for sushi.


We decided to hit up the Surin in Mountain Brook.  (Please excuse the dirty window.)  I started with a glass of Chateau St. Michelle Riesling.

DSC03873We giggled at this promotion on the table:


BLT sushi with bacon, lettuce and tuna.  Um, thanks but no thanks.  We started with a cup of their fabulous coconut tofu soup.  It’s spicy with just a tinge of coconut, with tofu chunks and floating mushrooms.

DSC03877 DSC03878

For our meal, we went with a combo consisting of the Rainbow Roll (eel, avocado and eel sauce) and the California Roll (crab, cucumber and avocado).  I’m not a huge fan of California Rolls, but there were no substitutions on the combos, so we just rolled with it.  (Haha, get it?  ROLLED with it?  Sushi???  No?)  We also got a small order of the Rock and Roll.


The Rainbow Roll looked something like a great Chinese dragon marching along in a New Year’s parade.  Inside were cucumber, crab and avocado, and it was topped with tuna, salmon and snapper.  That red stuff is tobiko.  I wasn’t really a fan of those :(  Everything else was awesome!

And in other news, Dave has taken to just settling in random areas of my room.


I’m still so tickled about my work honor.  Have you ever earned an office accolade? 


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  1. Congrats! My work doesn’t do awards because it’s a small office and that would be weird. Does a raise count as an award? I just got one of those 😉

    I’m like you with sushi, not a fan of most california rolls but I’ll eat it if I have to. I don’t mind a little tobiko though. My husband loves it enough to order just tobiko and I so don’t understand that, haha.


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