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Earlier this week, Craig called up asked if I’d be interested in going to have lunch somewhere downtown, near my office.  After a quick moment of deliberating between having leftovers or something new and fun, I answered with a resounding yes.

We decided to hit up Rogue Tavern on 2nd Ave N.  This place has sort of pub feel to it, with exposed brick and strategic lighting.  There are plenty of tables to sit down at and have a bite, even a little area with couches and chairs for drinking and socializing.  Out back, there’s a lovely patio area with seating as well.  In one corner, there’s a large stage for various bands and open mic nights.

We’d been here several times before, but only in a bar-type setting.  A group of us actually celebrated New Year’s Eve here—it was so much fun!  Not too crowded, but awesome 80s music and plenty of confetti and pizzazz.

I take it back:  Jonathan and I dinner there once.  It was pretty good.  I had the Muffaletta, but I can’t really give a satisfactory review since I’m a Central Grocery muff kinda girl.

Anyway, for lunch.  We walked right in; there were people in the place, but it wasn’t crowded.  After taking some time to glance over the menu, I settled on the Portobella Burger:  “a marinated and grilled portabella mushroom with roasted tomato and provolone.”  I requested grilled veggies instead of the chips.  Craig had been craving a salad, so he chose the Greek salad with grilled chicken.

There was a brief moment of confusion when our server asked me how I “wanted it cooked.”  I looked at her.  “My…mushroom?” I asked.  “Uh…well done?”  I didn’t know if there was some cool lingo I wasn’t hip to.  She later approached me on my way to the ladies’ room (where she gently brushed the hair off my shoulder…?) and asked, “Now, you know there’s no meat on that, right?”  Strange.

Our food was out within a reasonable amount of time.  I ended up getting the chips in addition to the veggies, which I shared with Craig.

The aforementioned grilled vegetables consisted of squash, peppers, onions, carrots and celery (??).

They were good, but doused in oil. I had some of the chips, too, and they were better.  Instead of being greasy and salty, they were perfectly crisp without tasting like they took an hour-long dip in the Fry Daddy.

My sandwich was also good, but lacking something.  I ended up removing the top bun and having it open-faced.  I think goat cheese would have lent more flavor overall, or maybe some pesto?  The mushroom tasted like it was marinated in balsamic vinegar, but it wasn’t too strong.  The sandwich could have been made better with the use of more grilled veggies.

Craig really enjoyed his salad (he cleaned his plate!), and for me being someone who doesn’t eat salad often, I thought it looked like it’d be worth a shot.

There were plenty of olives and huge chunks of feta to go around.

I’ll definitely continue to visit Rogue to have drinks with friends and socialize in a fun atmosphere.  As for the food, I’ll probably be back, but it’s not at the top of my list.  (But its neighbor, Urban Standard…that’s a different story!)

What do you look for in a good vegetarian sandwich?  Or just a good sandwich?


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