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Evening!  I had a nice run this evening with Jen and Craig.  We hit the Jemison Trail and it was quite pleasant!  Waiting until 6pm made all the difference, I think.  The sun was off hiding somewhere and the heat had subsided.  The humidity wasn’t too bad, but I’m definitely ready for cooler months.  It’s nice running with friends.  I love my iPod and enjoy it when Gaga gets me going, but it’s fun to chat with friends.  It makes the time go by faster.  Only problem for me:  I’m still not that fast and I still get pretty winded.  But I sweat!

I hit up the grocery store to grab a few things when we got done, but I definitely need to go back.  I ended up only getting what I could carry in arms—no cart or basket.  Update:  It is STILL not advisable to go to the grocery store hungry/right after a workout.  I had plans of making VeganDad‘s cajun chickpea cakes, but when I got home, Roomie Reagan made me a dinner offer I didn’t refuse.

She made dinner tonight (and I helped!) and it was awesome:  shrimp and scallops in my lemony sauce.  I diced up some red potatoes for the side and opened a can of no-salt-added green beans.  (We have no fresh  produce.)

that's right---water in a pint glass and wine in a juice glass. I'm klassy like that.

It was enjoyed while watching the season finale of Glee;  I cannot WAIT for the premiere!

I also picked this interesting item up at the register—total impulse buy.

Mint chocolate chip…gum?  We’ll see.

Tomorrow Craig and I are doing (what used to be) our usual Wednesday night routine:  3 mile run followed by draft beer 🙂  I’ve got to get my road legs back to where they were; I’m running my first 5k of the fall season this Saturday.  It’s the Head Over Teal run supporting ovarian cancer research.  It’s being sponsored by the Laura Crandall Brown Ovarian Cancer Foundation. Check out Laura’s Caring Bridge site and read her story; it’s heartbreaking.

Did you know…

  • Most ovarian cancers happen after change of life (menopause). Half of all these cancers are found in women over the age of 63.  (Laura was only 24 when she was diagnosed.)
  • One in 69 women will face ovarian cancer in their lifetime.  In 2009, over 21,000 cases were diagnosed and over 14,000 women died from this silent killer.
  • It appears that obese women have a higher risk of getting ovarian cancer. One ACS study found a higher rate of death from ovarian cancer in women who were overweight. The risk went up by 50% in the heaviest women.
  • A recent study of women who followed a low-fat diet for at least 4 years showed a lower risk of ovarian cancer. Some studies have shown a reduced rate of ovarian cancer in women who ate a diet high in vegetables, but other studies disagree.

(All information taken directly from the LCB Ovarian Cancer Foundation website.)

I love to run 5ks, especially ones supporting causes that are close to my heart.  I’ll be running the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in October.  It was my very first 5k last year!

Would you be more likely to participate in race if it was for a charity close to your heart?  It makes the fees associated with races a little easier to swallow, in my opinion.  I so wanted to run the St. Jude’s Half Marathon this year (very close to my heart for reasons I’ll have to cover in the blog later), but sadly, I discovered last week that it is already full!  Sigh.  I was tres disappointed.


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  1. The only reason that I’ve ever considered getting into bicycling is because there is a 70-ish mile, two day bike ride for Multiple Sclerosis. I definitely love doing events for a cause. There is the MS Walk every spring, which I always do and might turn into my own little run next year…? Would that be weird?

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