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give it a taste: yo’tato salad

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This past weekend, my friends and loaded up for some tailgating and SEC football fun down in Auburn.  (Woo!)  We met my parents and sister and some other friends in the heart of campus.  The spread included sandwiches, chips, sweets and my contribution:  baked beans and a new twist on potato salad.

I mentioned a while back that I’ve been experimenting with substituting plain yogurt in places where one might use mayonnaise, which I hate.  Someone mentioned using it in potato salad.  I boldly took on the task, and what resulted was, in my opinion, pretty darn tasty.

I call it…Yo’tato Salad.  (Scroll to the bottom for a complete ingredient list.)

yo' ingredients.

I started by gathering several Yukon Gold potatoes.

they look pushy.

Actually, I started by boozing.

hits the spot.

I diced them fairly small, as my first trial run proved to be too thick and chunky.  (That’s what she said.)

sliced and diced.

After the chopping was done, I move them over to my prepared steaming station.

That’s right, I’m ghetto like that.  No, I don’t have a steamer basket.  So I make do with what I have.  And what I have is a colander and a pot.  Due to the water spilling up into the colander, I ended up inadvertently steaming/boiling the diced potatoes.

While those were cookin’, I worked on the extra bits.  I sliced up several celery sticks and a handful of green onions real nice-like.

When the potatoes were almost done, I tossed the celery and green onions in, too.

that's the stuff.

Next, the crucial part:  the sauce.  I hardly ever measure anything.  I started with several shots of mustard, followed by a few spoonfuls of nonfat plain yogurt.  I had a little fat free sour cream, so I tossed that in, too.  Add a few forkfuls of pickle relish, sweet or dill.  Shake in some dill, paprika and garlic powder for good measure.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.  At this point, I just start sticking my finger in there and tasting.  (TWSS)  Add whatever you think you need.  It’ll be a lovely shade of yellow.

mellow yellow

I put several blobs of sauce on the potato mix, mixing gently, being careful not to smash them into bits.  Try not to use too much—you don’t want potato salad soup.

And there you have it!  Mayo-free potato yo’tato salad.  Perfect for picnics and tailgating.  Granted, there may not be as many picnics in the next few months.  But at least now there’s an option for mayo cynics like me 🙂

I think the fridge says it all.

Yo’tato Salad

(sorry there aren’t any real measurements…)

Several potatoes (I used Yukon Gold)

celery sticks

green onions

sour cream

nonfat yogurt




garlic powder


pickle relish

Do you tailgate in the fall?  What sort of treats do you bring?  My number one is, of course, beer!  It makes everything better.  I’m also a sucker for chips and dip.  I don’t eat a lot of chips, but sometimes I get in the mood.


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  1. Your comments always make me smile, kinda like your knife skills! I might even be able to get the man to eat that potato dish.

  2. I’ve never actually tailgated, like in a parking lot, but we do have some fun football parties at home. I love potato salad and love the idea of using yogurt. Do you think Greek yogurt would work too? Or maybe it’s too tangy…

    • Yes to Greek yogurt! I ran out of sour cream and mixed in some plain Greek in with the nonfat regular yogurt. I like the creaminess it lends, especially in my tuna salad.

  3. Yum! I love potato salad. I just made one a few weeks ago and I forgot the key ingredient- mustard!! I also love to add pickles!

  4. I’m not really a mustard fan, but I like the idea of using yogurt instead of mayo, ’cause I too am a mayo cynic. Thanks for the idea, Summer!

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