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After our fun girls’ night out, I rallied the troops (well, the two troops that were at my apartment) to head out to one of my favorite spots for brunch:  Bottletree.

bottles...on a

Bottletree is one of my very favorite places to hang out, eat, drink, and listen to live music.  I’ve been to a lot of fun concerts there.  One great thing about this place is that they have a lot of delicious vegan and vegetarian options.  Not to mention, it’s just a fabulous atmosphere.

We were very tired.

But we managed to get it together for some tasty sustenance.  I went with the sweet potato biscuits, soy sausage and fruit.

Reagan went with the La Vie Cochon, a tasty combination of French toast, ham and Swiss, and Rachel, a burrito jam-packed with all sorts of fun surprises.  Sadly…no more pictures.  Between being hungry and not quite comfortable with the whole “let-me-snap-food-pictures-in-a-restaurant” thing yet, it was over before we knew it.

We spent some time looking around when we were sufficiently stuffed.  There are vintage lunchboxes lining the bar, local art decorating the walls, and even a cart filled with games in one corner of the dining area.  My favorite part would have to be the bathroom.

All over the walls, you’ll find more local art and kitschy album covers.  One of my favorites is an exercise record composed of Christian music, entitled Firm Believer. Sadly, someone swiped it as of late.  Another sort of local graffiti is referenced in this fun note from the management:

What’s your favorite spot for brunch?  Are you comfortable taking food pictures in restaurants?


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  1. Sweet potato biscuits? Sign me up!

    I love little local diners for brunch. Simple breakfast foods are the best. I’m ok with taking photos in restaurants with my iPhone. I call myself an under-cover blogger, haha. I am not comfortable taking photos with a real camera though. Maybe I’m just too shy, but I don’t like to make a spectacle of myself, haha.

  2. hahaha! I love that sign in the bathroom! I never noticed it before. Then again, maybe I never used the bathroom at Bottletree. It’s not very inspiring, but I love Pancake House. They just have the best pancakes! But V. Richards is also very good, as is Open Door Cafe. Love their beignets and jazz music!!


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