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Ugh….it’s been a weekend from hell.  I’ll tell more about that later, though.  This past week, I’ve just felt like I was down in a hole, and I didn’t realize I was there until I couldn’t see out.  Sarah had posted about feeling blue, or “crabby.” Apparently, it was catching.

Looking at pictures from our night out of fun and dancing definitely made me feel better.

mmm, blueberry martinis.

Just thinking about that cocktail makes me happy.  And so do these girls:

In attendance were Shilpa, Jen, Rachel, Brandy and Reagan, and also Mandy (pictured in later photos).

In addition to cocktails, we also had a nice spread of snacks, including Heather’s delicious pretzel brownies (though I didn’t have any cherries).  They were super yum!  You should most definitely run over to her site and make them, ASAP.  In case you didn’t know…Heather loves butter 🙂

It was quite a spread.  We also had a yummy spinach dip fail:

Courtesy of me.  I mean, it was still tasty.  Who doesn’t love burnt cheese?  I used my new favorite technique of adding fat-free yogurt instead of mayo (or sour cream).  This was actually not too bad, considering I used fat free and 1/3 less fat cream cheese, part skim mozzarella, and fat free yogurt (I’m sure Sarah is having a heart attack with all the fat free dairy ;).  In addition, it had spinach and garlic.  And love.  I managed to use this in another dish later on the next week, on top of some grilled chicken.  It’s all about being creative with leftovers!

After filling our bellies, we decided to work it off over at Nana Funk’s with some dancing.  One of the fun things about this bar is that they play classic music from the 80s and 90s.  And sometimes the 70s, as was made clear by the BeeGees blasting on my way out of the ladies’ room.

even Elvis was there.

We made the decision to walk from our new apartment over to the bar, which was just a few blocks.  It made for some fun pictures on the trip back.

Thank you, self-timer.

Also…when you take four girls, add 8 high heels (well, 6—Brandy was smart and wore flip flops), and some alcohol…two blocks turns into two miles.  Our dogs were barking something ferocious.

You can see that some of us tried to plan ahead with strategic bandaid placement. It didn't work.

A good time was had by all.  And even though my heels and feet are littered with blisters and it looks like I have something of an impetigo on my feet, I can’t wait to do it again.

Do you go dancing often?  Go out with the girls?  I love to get dressed up to go all out with my ladies.


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  1. Awe sorry my blues were catching! Mine went away… hope yours do too!

    I have never had a blueberry martini but it’s definitely now on my list. I love blueberries, I love martinis!

    Girl’s night out looks like so much fun. I love going dancing but don’t get the chance very often. Gorgeous bunch of ladies if you ask me!

    • Sarah—they were super simple to make! We just used blueberry vodka and Sprite. I would’ve preferred club soda or tonic, but some of my cohorts nixed that. The best part was that we used frozen blueberries. They doubled and ice cubes and tasted FANtastic at the end. Try it!

  2. I loved our girls’ night out!! We definitely have to do it again sometime soon. Only this time I’m wearing flats!!

  3. Looks like you ladies had a great time! I can’t wait to make some lady friends down here, so I can have girls’ nights out again.

  4. That dip looks awesome even though it’s a bit burnt. I love food a bit well done.. I always go for the crispy parts!

    I pretty much don’t even attempt to wear anything but flip flops and uggs because my feet can not handle anything else. Within 5 minutes I always want to take my heels off!


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