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wtf: what the friday?!

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Hello, all!  Feels like it’s been forever…it’s been a busy week, it seems.  I’m still hoping to recap my girls’ night from last weekend.  FTR, it was super fun.  AND I got some new duds!  The only problem is that ever since then, there’s been some sort of something every night of the week.  Well, except for all day Sunday, when I left the house only to go to brunch at Bottletree and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch watching the Lifetime marathon of movies entitled, “You Can’t Handle the Youth.”  It was gripping, I tell ya.  Pregnancy Pact, anyone?  (<–This movie is one roomie Reagan suggested we watch around Halloween—it is indeed, pretty scary.)

However, I’ve come across some crazy news stories I thought I might share.  The first one came to me earlier this week while reading Rachel’s blog.  It’s so sad…this woman was so successful, and she let a man push her buttons and send her on fatal trip to crazytown.  The article says that “she made an unbelievable error in judgment.”  Uh, understatement much?

Last night, Jonathan and I were chatting, and he told me about this girl who was the victim of an acid attack while on her way into a coffee shop.  WTF?!?!  What has the world come to?  I mean, she was already about to purchase overpriced coffee, and this happens?  I saw her story on Today this morning, though, and she seemed to be in better spirits than I would be.  This news bit also caused me to Google Katie Piper.  I remembered hearing about this a few years ago.  Honestly, who DOES this?

I came across this story online.  It’s from earlier this past month, but it’s worthy of mention.  This fella was going along, minding his p’s and q’s, when doctors discovered a mass in his lung.  His fear:  cancer.  Test results came back, and oh, what’s that?  It’s not cancer.  Or a tumor.  It was a pea, sprouting in his lung.  Kind of brings back a little worry from childhood when my parents warned me not to swallow watermelon seeds, lest I wanted a melon in my belly.  Best line of the story?  “‘A couple days in a dark, wet environment, I’d sprout too.'”  That’s what…he said?

And of course, Jersey Shore is back.  (I know you’re pumped, right, Jen?  Or maybe….fist-pumped, even?!?)  It’s no surprise that this ridiculous display of obnoxiousness has significantly raised MTV’s failing ratings.  So what happens when you find a show that saves a dying network?  Spin offs, of course!  My favorite:  Jesus Shore, promoting “PTL”—praising the Lord.  (Okay, it wasn’t a show.  But bear with me.)

But what I’m not looking forward to is the blatant “south-sploitation” that is Redneck Riviera. I mean, I’m from the South.  And I’ve learned from experiences outside of Alabama that most people think we’re uneducated, racist and loud.  I’m not going to lie, I’m not exactly quiet, but I remember being super-offended in Massachusetts when a man said to me, “Oh, Alabama?  You hate Jews and black people, right?”  WTF??  Thank you, Redneck Riviera, for thoroughly enforcing this notion…at least, I’m predicting as such, as are other other fellow Alabamians.

This weekend, I plan on celebrating some of the greatest things in the South—SEC football (war damn eagle, y’all) and the Alabama State Fair.  I mean come on—it’s monkeys ridin’ dogs!

What are you up to this week?  Does your state go crazy about a particular sport?  Down here, SEC football is king.  One thing, though—don’t even GET me started on Nick Saban.


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  2. OK, I do watch Jersey Shore and I really shouldn’t. It is not at ALL what real people from Jersey are like. Well…it’s not what ALL people from Jersey are like. There is some truth in it, believe me. As there will probably be some truth in Redneck Riviera, I’m sure. But this is the problem with these shows: it takes a stereotype, like how people think Italians in Jersey act, and it amplifies it to the 100th degree. You have to take all of it with a grain of salt. When I moved to Alabama, I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. I never really thought they’d be uneducated and just plain ol’ dumb. If you’re not from Alabama, and you think that about Alabamians, then you’re the ignorant one. Just like if you think everyone in Jersey is tan, wears crazy gel in their hair, has majorly long nails, and talks like they come from Brooklyn and they’re constantly yelling at people …well…you might be right.

    • You’re right. But I will say this—people thinking that everyone in Jersey is loud, tan and has big hair isn’t as hurtful or as damaging as saying everyone in Alabama/the South is racist. Just sayin’.

  3. LLOLs at “That’s what…he said?”


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