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On Saturday, I’d planned to get up and run.  I was on a roll this week, and I really wanted to take advantage of the fact that I had nothing really set for the morning, except for cleaning and prepping for girls’ night.  The temp was perfect, right at 82 degrees.  I got dressed and headed down to one of my favorite trails.  My goal was 4.5 miles.

I felt good.  Better than I have in a very long time.  As I was heading along at my normal, comfortable, easy pace, I didn’t think about all the people passing me.  I thought about my official dec-slow-ration of independence from what normal runners are supposed to be.  And it was awesome.  I ran consistently for a little over two miles out and back, something I’ve not done in quite some time.  I stopped off at my car to hydrate before hitting a different trail to complete my last two miles.

As I was walking back across the street, feeling good and loving life, it happened.  My inner klutz overpowered my new-found inner diva, and I inadvertently did some off-roading.  That’s right—I busted my ass.  And it wasn’t even a cool, “oh, wow, I’m-so-into-the-run” type fall.  I was walking.  To the trail.  My foot slipped off the concrete walk and I went flying forward.

You can see my old surgery scars on my jacked-up knee.  Things like this happen to me on a fairly regular basis.

I skinned up my hand, along with some damage to my knee, shin and pride.  I don’t think anyone saw.  But my poor bruised ego prevented me from running for a little bit.  I managed to get my courage and confidence back and finished strong.  It took me a while, but I was happy with my time of about an hour.  I took several walking breaks, and there was some construction going on that I hadn’t expected.  Not to mention, this is the farthest I’ve gone since my 10k back in May (sheesh, I can’t believe it’s been that long) and I didn’t get too tuckered out.

I treated myself to a new outfit for our dancing excursion and some frozen yogurt.  All better 🙂

Have you ever fallen while running?  Any major injuries?


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  1. That is so crazy that we both fell on Saturday’s runs! Yours looks ALOT better than mine! And good for you for continuing the run!


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